Who is REALLY raising our tweens?

Just found a sobering article from Newsweek…. “Sex and the Single Tween” – if your a parent with kids between 8-14,  a MUST read.(it’s long, but worth the time)

Parents of Faith, remember…our secular world is at war with our values, beliefs and morality. It’s not a problem we can “contain’ or manage – it’s an all out assault to steal our kids innocence as quickly as it can. Fueled by the dark and demonic, our mortal foe desires to corrupt and pervert what was once good and pure in us and to steal what remains in our children.

Newsweek - Source

Newsweek – Source

 Wait, don’t forget… I’m not a quick tempered radical right winger….spitting reform at you… I’m a meet me in the middle kind of guy…. with a bit of panic in my voice!

After reading this Feb ’14 article (that i just now in September discovered) it’s clear that even secular media recognizes our tweens are seriously suffering.

When doctors and psychologists are sounding the alarm for moral issues… it’s time for the Church to wake up.

In the article, Abigail Jones of NEWSWEEK notes that tweens are not only vulnerable due to an unprecedented level of stress and anxiety in their lives, but lack healthy role models and family support to help them process it all!

Tweens are already struggling with  the always critical pre-adolescent stage of life, experiencing physical sexual development earlier and faster than any generation before them, while their emotional and mental development lags behind.  (Identity and personal values/beliefs are formed by age 13)

In the end, it’s a matter of becoming “aware” as parents of tweens – acting with the influence we have to offset the lies and suggestions of our pop culture.

Tweens are being taught to explore and experiment their way through adolescence without restraint… as retail and media interests convert ‘sex’ appeal into cold cash!   Our Tweens girls are being ‘educated’ by corporate marketing strategies that train our kids to place their value and self-worth on external appearance and sexual conquest.


Let’s push back as parents and really begin to interject ourselves into the culture and conversations of our tweens!

Because it matters!

Pastor B.


Ways you can respond to help your Tween

Tween Gospel Alliance

Focus on the Family

iShine Live 

Secret Keeper Girls



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