Some changes ARE significant…

Change is inevitable.

We all accept that as we age…things do change. Our babies grow and graduate High School, get married and start families. Our hair changes color and then thins, technology and science advance and each generation of new leaders step up up and shape our society in new ways.

As a Christian I recognize the changes of life are unavoidable, but the shifting balance of societal values and moral beliefs are much more unsettling than the new patch of grey I just discovered in my beard. I can’t help but wonder if the times in which we live are actually unique and more significant in the tapestry of biblical history than any before.

Blood Moon -

Blood Moon –

As I study scripture and pray, processing some of the more recent upheavals in our world…

I wonder.

I wonder if the prophetic warnings of scripture are actually becoming the unavoidable ‘realities’ of this generation?  

I wonder if the ancient texts are becoming today’s current events and that the rumblings of doctrinal apostasy and spiritual relativism are warnings to heed? Truths guarded for a millennium by our Christian fathers are eroding in a few decades.

Ideas and opinions have begun to grow within the mainstream of Christian thinking that shake the very foundations of our faith, and may in fact be the strongest evidence yet of a rapidly approaching ‘end of days’ ?

I have to wonder if what ancient prophets, priests and kings have heralded for thousands of years isn’t now – in our time – coming slowly into focus as I tune in CNN.

Sobering details of God’s judgement and return that have all been foretold in the bible…but due to their slow approach, largely forgotten and ignored by the world and the church.

Parents, change is normal for life…. but the rapid deterioration of traditional Christian (Biblical) values and principles in our time may in fact herald a very significant and unprecedented change. One that Christian believers have been waiting a very long time to see…. the return of our King.

As you pray, and live and love through your days… be aware that the rapidly shifting society around you may in fact be the opening act of a series of events that have long been foreshadowed and described in scripture. It’s time to really start to “wake up” and see the days are not just ‘changing’ in the normal ebb and flow of history and societal development… not really. This is something much different, change unlike any other that has come before in human history.

how much is left ?

how much is left ?

It’s time to remember who we are, and where we’re going...  to share our faith with passionate intensity and to stand for the truth courageously. Things are not going to simply keep changing until the earth overheat’s and melts. There will be an “ending” to this epic story of life and earth and man, and we may be witnessing the beginning of its end.

Something to think about,

Something to pray about,

Something to share with our kids.

I’m not an alarmist, not a big ‘end-times’ pastor guy, but I am wondering….how much time is left for us ?

Pastor B.

Post Script: Here are a few, very general follow up thoughts or clarifications from some of the reader questions received on this blog post;

Current Events: The rise of a militant and radicalized Islamic caliphate in the middle east for the first time in almost a millennium (Last Muslim Caliphate ended in 1258 AD), with an extreme hatred of the Jewish nation and Christian faith.

Financial markets and global economics are also showing the world has changed in fundamental ways. The shifting in economies and financial stability away from past regional or national influences to the modern technology fueled, world wide – inter-related,  global system of trading is significant. An international dependency and complexity, vast and so integrated it cannot be fully understood, has literally evolved in our modern era to create conditions that have never existed before.

The overall inter-connectivity of the world from transportation to communications to media, allows for the unprecedented rapid integration of ideas, beliefs and information to billions of people in real time. These massive information platforms, allow for a few opinions to shape millions of lives, and with selective editing, sound bytes can be detailed as ‘facts’.

All of these and many more current events help to set the stage for future events to roughly correspond with many of the scenarios of biblical prophecy in the end times. (author note; this ‘reading’ of current events as relevant to end times prophecy has been true of almost every generation of Christians since the middle ages, each believing Christ’s return was imminent.)

Apostasy;  a moving away (abandonment, defection) from a previous conviction, loyalty, or belief as in a personal rejection of one’s prior religious faith.

Modern theology and doctrinal beliefs within the body of Christ universally are shifting to parallel the social and cultural pressures on a variety of issues including, sanctity of scripture, homosexuality and the literal facts of Christ’s virgin birth, death and bodily resurrection. Before there can be the elevation of a one -world government/religion and leader (anti-christ) as described in scripture, a great falling away or “apostasy’ must occur first, removing the barriers of traditional views on morality and faith in the unification of the worlds peoples, cultures and great religions.

Spiritual Relativism; the belief that different things are true, right, etc., for different people or at different times. 

A subtle drifting or moving away from the traditional biblical blueprint (pattern) for determining truth and values. The reorientation of life from a biblical world view to a individual world view that centers around one’s personal opinion of what is ok, a variable belief in ‘right’ or wrong. Seen clearly in our cultural approach to issues of poverty, injustice, sexuality, divorce, education the existence of sin, the sanctity of life & legal abortion, substance abuse etc… These ‘outdated’ moral values will need to be reduced from ‘feared and revered’ to ‘illegal’ for the authority of the bible and Christ’s church to be undermined and the end times  prophetic warnings to come alive.

Authors note; I am NOT a scholar, theologian or prophetic expert.

I do recognize that these issues while present in all generations before us, are escalating at an unusual pace, moving rapidly into the Christian culture, not just the secular one. The changes I’m seeing within Christianity appear to be unlike previous historical patterns of cultural and moral shift. It makes me wonder.


2 thoughts on “Some changes ARE significant…

  1. Amen, I’m right there with you. It seems hard to ignore prophecy might very well be fulfilled before our eyes, but even Jesus warned His followers about the coming End Times. I believe whatever happens in our life time the Lord wants us to be vigilant and prepared-and also faithful that at the other end of what could be great suffering and calamity is His promise and His eternal Kingdom.

  2. And as we wonder, we must always keep our eyes looking up. Yes, the changes are happening which is why we must reach out even more than before to families, to teens, to the hurting and in crisis. Lord, please stretch the time so that many broken can find healing. Use our words through you, to speak to the souls who need to hear it. For such a time is this!

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