Thanksgiving “Thursdays”

It’s on the calendar horizon. Thanksgiving is coming, that great and glorious day of family, food, and football!

It’s such a wonderful place for my memories to return to… warm and drowsy moments gathered by the fire, half asleep with my intentional tryptophan poisoning, totally safe and content to do ‘nothing’ but rest and enjoy being with my family. pooh_piglet_thansgiving

An iconic day, steeped in the historical foundation of our nations first breath. A time for mankind to pause… reflect… and remember the blessings we share. It’s a time for us to re-focus on the family, to ponder how remarkable the gift of life really is and to celebrate it with one another.

I can’t help but think of how millions of families make an annual pilgrimage, often for hundreds if not thousands of miles… to simply be ‘together’ for a day or two. THAT’S ACTUALLY PRETTY AWESOME! 

This year, I’m asking myself to really put some extra time into recognizing the beautiful and marvelous in my life. To pay more attention to those God has surrounded us with. Looking with eyes of gratitude and not critique at their unique and irreplaceable personalities, gifts and contributions to my life… to the community of faith I help pastor, to my own children.

HOW WONDERFUL it is to notice all of the good things in our lives, to let the joy crowd out the cynical and sad!

Thanksgiving once each year is not enough… I want to encourage us to keep our ‘posture’ of gratitude alive all year long. SO my idea is to make each “Thursday”  a “Thanksgiving Thursday for us to remember to keep looking for all the ways God is reaching out to bless, and love, and restore.

What can you see in your life to be Thankful for…. ? (no cheating here parents, saying your kids or spouse isn’t going deep enough :)) Dig a bit, look under the emotional surface of your life, what can you sense or see in your present circumstances that are really good (not necessarily easy) and true, things that you know God has allowed to shape or bless you.

Ask your kids, friends and co-workers to join with you… “Thanksgiving Thursdays“could become your families meal discussion topic once a week, a fun way to teach our kids and remind ourselves to live with a heart full of gratitude. A habit that can help us all move past the pessimistic and find new ways to celebrate the ‘goodness of God’ in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

Pastor B.

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