Finding HOPE again in Advent

Advent is upon us. That ancient Christian tradition of looking for the “coming” Kings arrival is a significant cornerstone to understanding and renewing the Christian context for Christ-Mass in your life.

Week One focuses our hearts and minds on the “HOPE” of Christ’s coming.

Not in a one-dimensional consideration of a Christ child-birth two thousand years ago…but in a multi-dimensional reminder of how Christ has come, is coming now, and will some day physically return to set everything ‘right’. It’s this uniquely Christian truth and its immense implications that can restore our HOPE.

Christmas is more than a single moment of time each year, it’s bigger than that.

Christmas is more than a date to cherish and celebrate and enjoy as family, it’s deeper than that.

Christmas is the truth of God’s love in action. The exclamation point on mankind’s salvation and the intervention of a loving Father to restore His lost sons and daughters.

When we pause long enough to shut out the commercial excess and ever-growing media frenzy of our American cultural obsession with ‘stuff,  we make room for something ‘other to enter our world.

An opportunity to ignore the marketing half-truths that make us uneasy and dis-satisfied with our lives, a chance to remember the truth and restore our HOPE that Christ is still the ultimate cornerstone of  our Christ-Mass.

Parents, friends and families of faith… you know this all already, just a seasonal reminder to not give in to the hype and hysteria of ONLY gathering gifts this year… lets focus anew on the truest expression of HOPE we could ever ask for.

Jesus…. The Christ.

Pastor B.


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