Christmas is my favorite ! 

From the crisp air to the twinkling lights and balsam, I love it all! Enjoying the special sights and sounds of the Christ-Mass season has been and will always be a Mathias family tradition, and with our now grown kids at home… we once more jump head-first into the holiday of gift giving, joy and divine love.

Wanna come along ? 25041221

Over the past 21 years we’ve enjoyed hundreds of Christmas memories… from Chicago trips and winter vacations to simple late night drives around the neighborhood to see the lights!

We’ve sipped hot chocolate and blessed others with some secret Santa stuff… as a family we’ve truly embraced this time of year with 100% of our hearts.

As we’re all getting older, I’m noticing our grown up kids are enjoying the old memories as much as we do… and in particular they love the family movies of Christmas past. With limited time and opportunity to really ‘hang’ with my college co-eds…I’ve had to narrow my long list of classic flicks to a straight up top 5 list! So here goes…

In order of fantabulousness ! 

1 – It’s A Wonderful Life (must be in Black/White)

2- ELF (the perfect quirky – funny and fun movie)

3- Home Alone (the first of the series, brings memories back of my kids as ‘kids’ )

4- Clark Griswold and Family (National Lampoon Christmas Vacation)

5- THE Santa Clause (Tim Allen at his best!)

tied for 5th….A Muppet Christmas Carol  ! (my wife’s fav)


Curious if your family enjoys the holidays with your own meaningful cinematic masterpieces? Movies and popcorn, blankets and PJ’s are how we snuggle up and enjoy our precious few free nights at Christmas! How do you stay connected to your kiddos and what traditions do you try to keep through each ridiculously busy Christmas break ?

My prayer is for you to find new and exciting ways to stay connected with your kids this Christmas and enjoy each moment to its fullest!

This Holy season provides a wonderful chance for us all to re-connect and grow as a family, a way to preserve the beauty and awesomeness of life with your own traditions and fun that will influence your kids, grand-kids and great-grand-kids for generations to come! elfw05

It’s important to remember as parents…The greatest gifts we can give our kids... can’t be bought, wrapped or shipped…but they can be shared! 

Merry Christmas

Pastor B.



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