Doing Busy Well

Families at Christmas… CRAZY BUSY! 

Life is always full for families of faith…but add to that the extra Church services, recitals, and Christmas specials… and you’ve got a recipe for flambe’ (burnout) !

Parents, as Christmas crashes its way into your last free moment…take a quick deep breath and remember what or rather ‘who’ holds it all together!

Our anchor to something stable and true is unchanging and sure.

Our guiding North Star each Christmas isn’t the gleam of the traffic light closest to our home… it’s our reflection on the only unbending truth we can claim. The truth of a baby born in Bethlehem, our tether to sanity and hope in a time of chaos and confusion.

It’s when we lose sight of that bright glowing truth that we start to think we’re responsible to get everything done all on our own. But that’s NOT true is it?

What is true… God doesn’t change. He’s permanently good, always faithful, consistently loving and full of mercy. His gift of Christ to mankind is always being offered, always available. Our crazy – busy – insane schedules can obscure the reality of our Faith and sap us of Hope and Joy. magi11600

This Christmas let’s do busy well. 

Take some precious moments to pray. Remember the character and nature of God… anchor yourself to His goodness and faithful – unchanging nature. Let His promise of new life flood your soul and restore your mind.. breathe deep and plunge on.

Resting as you go in the reality of your true Christmas Joy!

Pastor B.

PS –  a little Crazy Christmas fun from iShine!


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