What’s the difference between someone whose being polite… and someone we want to suddenly give a hug ? 

Why do some movies or songs make us start to cry ? 

How does a six-year old’s crumpled-up crazy, crayon creation get a frame and spot of art-honor in the living room?

Why do meals made at home taste so much better ? 

Why is it when we travel too long or wander too far…. nothing but returning to our homes and families will make us happy?

I believe all of the above are ‘heart-felt’ examples of life.




The intangibles are difficult to describe, but ‘Heart-Felt” is an immensely important part of being a Christ-follower.

We’re all drawn to the ‘authentic’ emotion and inner truth we sense in someone or something that’s genuine and true.

We crave the original uniqueness of a ‘real’ person or home-made meal. We stand in line for hours to hear or see a movie or catch an artist that really “connects” with us … and we’re all starving for food that tastes just like ‘moms’! 

As a parent, I’m constantly reminded of how important it is for me to share my life authentically with my kids. Not acting as a peer to my teens, but opening up appropriately about the day-to-day, real – life struggles of adulthood, ministry and marriage.

In that dialogue… let’s be sure to include our faith and how God meets our every need along the way. 

I believe it’s the honest and true expression of a real-life faith that will connect with our kids. They don’t need us to be perfect parents, just real and ‘heart-felt’.

Peace and Grace to you,

Pastor B.


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