Romantical Thoughts

Chocolates, flowers and passion… warm blue skies and white summer dresses, a seaside landscape with sweeping hills of grass and blooming yellow. Our “romantical” thoughts are spectacular in imaginary detail … lovers wrapped in contented joy…star gazing and warm butterflies in our belly… Fantastic moods and pure ecstasy crowding out all of our fears and frustrations. We’ve escaped from where we are to where we LONG to be.

Remember those days when we first ‘fell’ for our other-half ?

The skipping of your heart at your lovers simple touch or presence… the rapture of sharing secrets and life dreams. Of long evening walks and sunsets hand in hand. These are the “romantical” thoughts that drive us and our longing for something ‘more’… something deeper.

This Valentines I want to encourage you to step back and recognize the power you wield in determining your own happiness and joy as a couple.

You don’t have to go to Napa or Lake Como to experience the ‘rapture’ of love or intimacy. Waffle House or Cracker Barrel might be just as amazing if you do it right 🙂

The point isn’t in constructing some idyllic alternate reality to escape to… the truth is we can celebrate the amazing love that has survived all of the ups and downs of our ‘normal’ lives. The strength of commitment that keeps us coming home day after day to put others needs first and ourselves last. That is sacrificial and that is a beautiful expression of truly “romantical’ thoughts.

You may not think that saying ‘no’ to your own wants to meet the needs of another is romantical, but nothing could be more loving, intimate, or beautiful. 

I believe marriages and families would be so blessed if we stepped back and remembered the truth of our faith and how that could become a radical jump-start to even the coldest relationships.

Our faith is built on some seriously counter-cultural truths... things like; “Christ came to serve, to give his life as a ‘ransom’ for many”… “to lay down his rights as the son of God and to become a servant” … “to be poured out” etc… tiny-love-stories

Christ shifts our perspectives from what we don’t have to what He offers to those who love extravagantly. 

This Valentine’s… let’s celebrate each other, but let’s also recommit to loving each other well and putting the needs of our spouses ahead of our own. According to the gospel… that’s the REAL recipe for romance and fulfillment. 

So skip the 50 shades approach and hit your favorite coffee-house for some deeply intimate conversation about your hopes and dreams as a couple… take some quiet time to be away and alone. Follow it up by finding a way to serve your better half … it sounds simple and uninspired…but I Promise, Nothing could be sexier to your spouse 🙂 

Hugs and Kisses – Pastor B.

PS – don’t forget to go and get the chocolates and flowers… attention to the details still counts !



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