Meager to Miraculous… hope for us all

Recently I spoke on a passage in John 6... an iconic miracle of Jesus in which He feeds five thousand with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. The story includes a moment where Jesus allows Phillip some time to try to figure things out for himself, to do the ‘math’ if you will. fish and loaves

In a few moments Phillip quickly calculates the impossibility of feeding five thousand people with a single serving lunch for two or three people. I can imagine Christ smiling patiently as Phillip does his mental gymnastics desperately trying to figure out how to feed all these people…

It’s clear to us as readers the best efforts of Phillip aren’t going to feed these hungry people. No matter how he plans or prepares to meet the need right in front of him, he doesn’t have enough to go around.

How often do we as parents or pastors feel that way on any given day ? 

How often do we add up our resources for a specific need we see in our lives or for others and simply admit how impossible it would be for us to make a difference, and walk away without even trying?

What if we gave God what we have… (2 fish / 5 loaves) and asked Him to “bless it, break it and multiply it” ? Would we too see a miracle of provision from our meager means…. 

I believe so. 

As we navigate our lives we are going to come across situations inside and outside of our homes where the need is greater than our ability. If we see Christ as “bigger” than our problem, we could do more than walk away frustrated at our inability to fix things… we could surrender what we have to Jesus and watch as He does something miraculous right in front of our eyes.

Something to consider…and to find hope in! 

Pastor B.


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