Inadequate :

Alexis - Maine '15

Today was hard. I feel completely self centered to even admit it, that nothing bad happened, but today was so difficult. I am sure guys have a version of “this” day, but the girl version.. or “Alexis” version went like this:

I spent the first 30 minutes of my day icing my face, because I woke up with throbbing cheeks. When I get stressed, I get the worst acne.  I felt beyond ugly, repulsive, really. Through out the day I couldn’t help but remember what I looked like and how makeup didn’t stand a chance against these guys… its bad.  But this mindset, this feeling of inadequacy started to seep into everything.. I feel fat, I’m way too short, maybe I can’t even sing and people have just been telling me this for years because its all I’ve got…?  Lets not even get started with the pressures of social media and perfection….

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