Pastor Brad

Parenting should be full of faith, family and adventure, not dread, frustration and regret. Road Trip Parenting is a unique blog designed to serve as a fun, insightful, and practical resource for parents, pastors, and those who serve kids.

Parenting isn’t for a single season of life, we are parents forever. Also for those believers who don’t yet have a biological family, understand that we’re all raising kids in the sphere of influence we’ve been given. As we get older, it’s clear that we must acknowledge that we all have been given a perfect ‘heavenly’ father, and in that sense… we’re all being ‘parented’ by the Holy Spirit, and the wounds and struggles of our past can be healed.

My point is this, we’re all on a journey of faith and the shared stories and observations within this blog are meant to be a source of inspiration and hope. Life is messy, and often hard, but God’s grace is sufficient and the road doesn’t have to be walked alone or afraid. 

Father Brad serves as Special assistant to the Bishop for Mission Development for the Anglican Church in America.   Brad has served as the Rector of Four Winds Anglican Mission in Columbia along with serving as the Director of the TGA (Tween Gospel Alliance) and President of Bema Media Group., in Nashville TN. Today Brad and his wife of 29 years (Paige Mathias) have made their home in Lamoine ME. They are the proud parents of three grown children, two son-in-laws, and two grandchildren.

Brad is the author of multiple parenting and family books and articles including;

Roadtrip to Redemption” – Tyndale Momentum (Store Link)

Charisma Magazine / AWANA  / INCM

Study for Youth and Young Adults: “Storms of Life – Living beyond stressed out and overwhelmed”  (Store Link) iShine Ministries

Contributor to: “Shock and Awe” – Essential Christian Apologetic’s. for Tweens and Teens. (Store Link) iShine Ministries / TGA (Tween Gospel Alliance)

5 thoughts on “Pastor Brad

  1. Brad, I just saw your blog for the first time via a link on facebook. Wow. What a blessing I stumbled upon it. I am a wife (17 yrs) and mom of three incredible kids (ages 13, 11 and 6). I love the title of your blog. Thankful to walk this road and share experiences. God Bless you and your family.

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