Christian Parenting in a Post-Christian world

Families of faith are being backed into a proverbial corner.

Daily… we feel forced by our media driven culture to represent or dismiss our Christian beliefs. No choice given for us but to hard-line our position with the black / white of a hostile, faith posture or the watered-down, relativistic shades of gray to preserve a semblance of a moral status quo.

What’s a parent to do…? So many voices in the mix.

As parents we maintain the highest statistical influence on our children’s formative values and beliefs. Barna Research points to families as having more impact on pre-teens (13 and under) and tweens than any other voice in their lives.

So as parents what we do, how we respond and what we say really, truly, deeply, matters!

The issues of our time have entered our living rooms and roam the halls of our homes. Same Sex attraction, redefining marriage, trans-gender confusion, modern atheism, biblical skepticism, legalized pot, common core education, the welfare state… the issues that matter are growing daily for modern parents.

These are not trivialities… but HUGE and essential, in-your-face topics for kids to process!  

Today’s pressing social issues represent legitimate concerns paired with post-Christian philosophies in desperate need of biblically intelligent responses in our homes.

Let’s be sure to keep our parenting responses to these volatile issues as informed, compassionate, and consistent as possible. Insight and perspective that contains deep wisdom and truth, stuff that comes from time with our heavenly Father and a well read topical library of trusted authors. (See below)

Be aware of the temptation that our culture offers to us as Christians…to simply take one of two uber-polarized, preformed positions, ‘for’ or ‘against’ the latest social trends… before we seek out the truth on our knees. We can’t just ‘knee-jerk’ our responses out of fear and misplaced anger, these issues are essential for us all to understand and navigate well. 

Mom – Dad; some encouragement if I may…

Keep close to Christ. Lean on and listen to the voice of your shepherd, not the winds of popular opinion. There is truth in your world, its found in the scriptures. There is a foundation you can live from, teach and pass on. But the battle for truth isn’t a debate of words and logic… it’s a tug of war for the longings of our hearts.

Ultimately it’s about the essentials of our faith… Is Christ who He claimed to be? Is the bible a sacred text ? Can we live with clarity in midst of a out-of-focus world? 

Answering those questions on your knees will bring conviction to your faith and confidence to your answers. As Christians we’re not going to have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines of social change much longer. We’ll have to take a position. Will we stand for the core values we claim to believe, or in our passivity, just fade…?

Our kids are carefully watching… Lord, help us to show courage and compassion in the days ahead.

Pastor B.

Recommended Reading List: 

For issues of Sexuality and Faith – Joe Dallas 

For Culture, Os Guinness 

For Essentials of our Faith, Hank Hanegraaff 

For Modern Atheism, Graham Veale 

For Same Sex Marriage issues, Sean McDowell 

I pledge allegiance…to NBC and to the atheist worldview…

So…I’m watching the US Open sunday on father’s day and enjoying some couch time when they start running this tribute video in lush production values, honoring the US as a nation, our heritage, our soldiers and our legacy of hope and freedom…and it’s being voiced over with the Pledge of Allegiance and I’m sorta saying it along in my mind…when I notice they totally skip the “One Nation Under God” part. Twice.

Not an accident. Not even close.

So many people decided it was outrageous their twitter feeds blew up with complaints and they came on-air during the US Open coverage to apologize for their decision to edit portions of their commercial spot. Seriously ?

Fellow parents, it’s becoming the “norm” for our media outlets to edit out any references of faith, God or Religion from its broadcasts…unless it’s to show how tolerant they are being of Muslim beliefs etc… It’s becoming clearer to me that our media world is intentionally seeking to reduce our American generational treasure of faith and hope and God into just the whispered shame of our past ignorant and unenlightened founders.

I’m asking you to not allow this to happen on your watch.

We are the only generation standing between the past heritage of faith and the future world of self-awareness and a growing moral vacuum for society to fill with its own personal opinions on life, truth and value. If we continue to let NBC define our american heritage as Godless, then we will be the one’s future generations will look to for some answers as to why we just stood by and let it happen without a fight.

I’m not a big boycott, sit-in, stand up kind of political animal… but this one torques me off a bit. I’m skipping my NBC viewing and support and seriously consider if a write in-campaign might be useful for something. Ideas or suggestions, links, forums are all welcome to leave their info for us to consider ways to respond to this obvious disrespect of our American history and dependence on our God and Faith as the cornerstone of this nations earliest ideals. 

So as you take the time to enjoy our Nations birthday this summer… remind yourself and your

families of the amazing history of faith that formed the very foundations of America and the

essential nature of our character, laws and integrity being bound up in those ideals of our courageous and amazing founding fathers. Something to celebrate… not edit.

Peace out,  as you seek to keep your families on the road and in between the lines of life and God’s grace to you as your children grow rapidly into tomorrow’s adults!