Winter RoadTrip; January 2013… day two.

Somehow we made it in one piece to Boise, ID. The blizzard let up roughly 200 miles north of Salt Lake City and the roads magically cleared as we turned westward on I-84. The temps dipped low (2F) as the stars appeared in the sky. We guessed the massive winter storm had moved slowly off to the north and east and we were on our way unhindered. Exhausted from the adrenaline laced drive (we almost kissed an Albertson’s 18 wheeler on the bum somewhere in the whiteout), we did however crash at a super nice Best Western in Boise (low-priced via wif-fi and Priceline on the way).

We were eager to get going and the skies were sure to be clear… so we packed up early to get a good start, only to find the morning sunrise sky was still pitch black at 8:00 am and the frigid reality of what a 2 degree night can do to a vehicle that’s sat all night in a parking lot.

COLD, REAL COLD and CRUNCHY. thank God we opted for the rental with the heated seats!

Three crappy cups of diner coffee later we had mapped out our route and were anxiously awaiting the arrival of sunlight, to see if the day would be as clear as we had hoped for.

Sunrise Day 2

Sunrise Day 2

We took off as the pink glow lit up the southeastern horizon and drove up Idaho state Highway 21 to re-discover a road that we had been unable to see last year (closed due to avalanches) on our way to Stanley ID. The road snaked its way through the ponderosa pines and frozen mountain stream as we climbed steadily from 25oo feet to 7,000 feet in a little under fifty miles. The crowds were gone, the summer tourist’s absent as we had the road entirely to ourselves. This backwoods scenic two lane was not a high traffic road and we loved it.

The skies were now sapphire blue with little wisps of cloud visible in between the tree tops, the snow was piling up along the road as we climbed higher into the passes of the Boise National Forest. The road was magnificent!

Perfectly peaked mountain tops framed by blue skies and evergreen fields of trees as far as the eye could see. GORGEOUS! It was CLEAR and peaceful and full of mountain glory. Idaho it seemed had delivered in spades!

As we drove the winding roads (Hwy 21) around the peaks of the Wasatch and Bitterroot Mountains we saw the dazzling display of Narnia come to life on a two lane twisty drive from the mundane to the extra-ordinary world of the wilderness ! I felt my heart unclench and my mind start to relax as we drove deeper and higher into the serene setting around us.

Idaho Hwy 21

Idaho Hwy 21

This is what we had come for. This is what I needed, this is what God had delivered for us. If this was the first full day of six, then we had a special time ahead for sure!

Thank you God… I whispered out loud as we plugged in the iPod and cranked up some of Brian’s’ digital catalogue of modern and ancient worship anthems. The cathedral of the open sky was singing in tune with the stereo as we drove from fatigue to refreshment in Idaho’s back country.

We took the route up the mountain passes and down into to tiny Stanley ID and then turned east on Idaho Hwy 75 all the way into Montana, following the snaking Salmon river from the mountain peaks to the beautiful river valleys strewn with rock and ice and rugged beauty.

We had made it. We were finally here and seeing for the “First Time” what we had always known would be there….

Tomorrow, Day 3 and the Land up North!

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…

Today’s post is a bit different. I rarely “endorse” folks, but felt led to do so. I want to introduce you to a new friend of mine, a youth pastor and innovator in the world of Christian media and ministry… a really authentic, good guy by the name of Chris Spradlin.  A friend of iShine and my dear comrade Robert Beeson, Chris has been guest blogging on our website at His southwestern roots and salt of the earth style, allow him to reach deep into the heartland of America with a message of Hope and Promise and Faith that will stir your soul.

Chris has a growing family ministry known as EpicParent.TV which has a solid following of youth and children’s pastors, parents and an emerging base of fans from across the globe.

Pastor Chris Spradlin

His posts, insights and practical understanding of today’s teens and media are first rate. His new e-book is FREE to download and is a great resource for parents with teen boys as it’s content delves into the world of pornography and sexuality in the digital age. He is a speaker, teacher, pastor and father, but what I recently discovered is how remarkable is his marriage.

His wife Jodie exemplifies courage and strength for all moms and wives to draw inspiration from. Her story is shared in a short 4 minute video on the Epic Parent site and it is a “must watch” for wives and tween – teen girls who are struggling with identity, appearance and acceptance issues. (which is EVERYONE)

Jodie Spradlin

I’ve set up the link and player here on my blog (simply click her picture on the left), but wanted to personally endorse and encourage you to support Chris and his beautiful wife Jodie in their ministry to teens and tweens. That means, prayerfully consider supporting them with a financial gift, regular prayer and for sure links to social media. Please take a few minutes to let your friends, family and local pastoral team know about this remarkable and effective husband-wife ministry.

We need more Hero’s in the world today, and our kids especially need them more than ever! So share this video, and download Chris’ book. Watch Jodie’s testimony  with your daughters and sons, sit them down this week and  take the time to talk about real life. Consider Jodie’s story and how pain and tragedy often can come into our world unexpectedly and then point to Jesus and then to Jodie as examples of how God can work in and through any circumstance, no matter how tragic… to make it turn out beautiful.

The Spradlin’s represent the finest in sacrificial love and servant hood. What better role models could we as parents ever ask for… Go Team Sprad!

Peace out RTP readers…


Japanese Gardens, Voodoo Donuts, Lebanese lunch and 7000 Rose’s… KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD!

Friday June 15: Our last full roadtrip day…kinda sad, kinda happy… but it was here.

Jessica loves cities…so we headed to Portland to check it out! Online she had found the eclectic Voodoo donuts and Blue Plate fountain ( both legendary eateries in the region) hidden in the bustling metropolis that represented well over half of the population of Oregon…and wanted to eat at authentic – off the beaten path places while we were here!

The Sign says it all…

 The Voodoo donuts experience was a wild one, a line had formed around the corner and Jessica snapped pics of the crazy sign and downtown Portland vibe. When it was our turn we found the choices too many to decide… So we bought a Voodoo dozen ( let the staff pick our 12) and had a bite of each in our famous pink box.

Voodoo Sugar Coma

 Our favorites were the bubble gum and captain crunch creations as well as a blueberry with raspberry sprinkles! NICE.

Compared to the donuts and atmosphere of the Seattle “Top Pot” donutery – we liked the Seattle version of gourmet cakes better…  But the sheer audacity of the voodoo donuts design, color and names; was worth the visit for sure! Fun to eat them right out of their pink boxes and matching pink picnic tables as we nibbled ourselves into a serious sugar coma by 10am. 🙂

 From there we went exploring and found the World renown Portland … Japanese and Rose gardens in Washington park. Fabulous details found in the large Japanese garden were clearly world-class in beauty, size and scope. It took us over an hour of walking and reviewing the many micro gardens, water falls, koi ponds, tea houses and zen rock gardens to complete our tour! 

Portland Japanese Garden

The colors and care in the design and maintenance of this serene setting were indeed worth the price of admission. Jessica loved it! She took more pictures here than in Yosemite National park:) Good to know…

 The Rose garden across the street was free and intertwined in the Portland public park system and featured over 500 varieties in 7000 plantings, spread across 4.5 acres. Dating back to the early 1900’s this elevated garden provided a dazzling array of colors and scents as we walked through its expanse and enjoyed the cityscape views of Portland and Mt Hood across the valley below us. Beautiful!

Tried to find the Blue Plate place for lunch…but were unsuccessful. Instead we tried a new ethnic treat. Lebanese, at Karam downtown! After splitting a banquet of lamb and chicken, homemade humus and fresh-baked Pita bread we were stuffed and walked the downtown city blocks enjoying the sun and clear June skies in a truly unique and beautiful city! Jessica was loving it… I could tell it was a high-point for her to be here for sure!

One of the great parts of a father-daughter RoadTrip is the chance to reconnect, to re-orient our understanding of each other and the thousands of little details, nuance’s and shifts in personality, preference and discoveries that occur from the teen years into adulthood. Their new favorites. Colors, styles…taste buds and music all shifting dramatically from their freshman to senior years of high-school. It’s impossible to keep up, but RoadTrip’s give us parents a huge head start in staying really connected with our young adults.

I could see that my little girl was becoming a real lady. Complex, mysterious and hungry for new cultural experiences. Portland was a paradise for her. A new place to explore, to savor new styles and flavors and sights-sounds so different from Spring Hill TN. This was exactly the reason we were here. 

Signs all over the city!

To reconnect and then release her to adult life in college. To make sure she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt how special, unique and amazing she was… how proud we were of her AND to expose her to a bright – big new world of ideas, opportunities and challenges that she needed to know existed beyond the shelter of our suburban bible-belt life. She loved the crazy Portland signs painted or posted everywhere… KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD!..I was less excited, but knew she was already beyond needing to share my opinion. She was now HERSELF.

Mission accomplished!  

After lunch we Drove east to explore the famous Columbia river gorge and Multanomah Falls! A short 30 minute trip from downtown we climbed the popular 1/2 mile path to take pictures from the famous bridge and watch as thousands of gallons of water cascaded over the Columbia cliffs below. Directly off of interstate 84 this national scenic stop is easy for everyone to discover and provides a welcome car break for families with young and old alike. A full restaurant, visitors center and gift shop allow for a great experience on any and every budget!

 With a hotel reserved through Priceline for a 60% discount  in downtown Seattle we headed north on I-5 . On the way we enjoyed the views of the southern Washington mountains including the snow-capped peaks of Mt St Helen’s, the Olympics and iconic Mt Rainier! Each epic silhouette in the afternoon sky was beautiful to watch and remember. It was like they were guarding our east and western flanks as we motored North to our flight home…sentinels to our time together.

We arrived at a first class boutique hotel (Silver cloud inns and hotels) in the capital hill district of Seattle and crashed! The service, the food and the amenities were outstanding and provided a wonderful and a truly fitting way for us to wind down our week-long North-Pacific adventure.  The only down side… Today was my 21st wedding anniversary and I was not with my bride. 😦

Jessica fixed that for me… we had posed for a picture at the Rose Garden in Portland earlier in the day… she used it to post on my Facebook wall with Paige to show me presenting a bright red rose to her on our anniversary. 

Portland Rose for my Sweetheart!

And… I had purchased a great Owl statue from the Japanese Garden for my beautiful wife…gently tucked in paper for our return.

We loved the road… and tomorrow we were heading home. What a time! What a blessing we had been given… sharing 3000 miles and seven whole days alone. God was so generous to us and our time had not been wasted. From Seattle to Yosemite we had explored, tasted and adventured into hundreds of super cool little nooks and crannies, blasted ColdPlay, the Black Keys and Jessica’s iPod playlists for hours…singing along out of tune with the windows open! We had thrown snow balls and walked in the rain, we had sat on rockers and watched spring mist slide in over a gentle lakeside sunset. We had dived into the bustle of a sprawling urban landscape of people and tourists and commercial excess…and we had walked stone & driftwood filled beaches with beauty and isolation. We had trekked to abandoned mining towns in the desert and drove into snow filled passes with scenic vista’s for miles…all with an eagerness to see, to find to discover…to learn…to live! 

Her mother and I are so Proud !

Was our RoadTrip worthy of Jessica’s massive cultural wanderlust…? YEP, I think so!

Peace out RTP… God bless you this summer and if you can… plan your own RoadTrip moment. Get out there… the road is calling and our kids are not getting any younger, take the time before it’s gone!

Finding snow in a heat wave… RoadTrip Parenting goes to Oregon

Thursday June 14 – Day 7 of our Epic Pacific Northwest RoadTrip

We were up early… wanted to see the sunrise light on those Lassen mountain peaks.

The SE view at the Top of Lassen Volcanic NP

Found the views equally as pristine in the am as they had been in pm. The trail we chose to hike (bumpass hell – 3 mile hike…no joke that’s the trails official name) was closed due to snow ( still about 4-5 feet still on the ground)As were most of the trails in the upper park… June 14th is still late winter…maybe early spring here. Drove on to see Mt Shasta via hwy 89 and it was amazing to see the glacial peaks reflecting the sunshine from over 75 miles away. It’s a biggen for sure at over 14k feet! Awesome to watch it get bigger and BIGGER… and BIGGER in the windshield as we drove over an hour straight at it.

Due to time…we jumped on the I-5 northbound for the 100 miles left to reach southern Oregon and a delightful lunch in Ashland, at the standing stone brewery ( patio soup, sweet – sweet potato fries & salads) sat out back on their deck… in the perfect sunshine – a cool 72F for the afternoon high…overlooks a super cute college town with an amazing historic and artsy downtown district of upscale shops and eateries and galleries. 

Mt Shasta from 30 miles away…

Home to Southern Oregon University it has great green spaces and river walk – lots to do for sure. Jessica decided to transfer from Tennessee Tech to SOU pretty fast… 🙂 Just kidding Tyler !

 We drove onto Crater Lake National park after about 2.5 hours of two lane mountain roads the temps had dropped 20 degrees but the sun was still high and bright when we arrived at 4pm. The visitors center on the lake rim was still partially covered in 15-20 feet of snow pack as we’re the sidewalks and parking areas ! Crazy deep snow still for mid-June ! Avg snowfall is over 570 inches a year and the blue color of the lake is the deepest and brightest I’ve ever seen!

 The deepest freshwater lake in America(1800 +feet) this unique natural wonder is a “must see” for southern Oregon RoadTrips! Take the road west and east on the rim if they are open… ( the east rim was still closed when we were there due to snow) the elevated 7500-8100 feet views of the surrounding lakes and volcanic peaks of the southern Oregon Cascades are epic in their beauty and panoramic vistas. 

Crater Lake NP with Jessica in June !

I think we could actually see Mt Shasta in Northern CA from there. The camera was out and going most of the 3 hours we spent there. Great trails and drives for all ages and stages to enjoy! Would have loved to take a boat tour but they were not running yet due to snow.

 Continued on North to Eugene OR and took Hwy 97 up to Hwy 58 – which wound its way down and across some beautiful valleys and peaks and raging river towns. Slow and winding the road is a perfect way to unwind and open the windows for some fresh air and plenty of pull offs for pictures of the cascades and their treasures of beauty and timeless views.

Eugene was a rest stop for the evening and our Shiloh Inn ( pacific northwest hotel chain) off of I-5 was a great and affordable place to crash and grab some dinner. At $69 per night their rates were excellent as was the clean rooms, free wi-fi and excellent attached local food / diner. Things were quiet and I was fine with that… long day, long drive.

I was amazed at how cold the peaks and passes remained… the lodge at Crater Lake NP was still drifted with 20 feet of snow, roads were still closed and at Lassen Volcanic NP, the two road side lakes were frozen solid in mid-June. Meanwhile… Nashville was melting under 108F heat… I think I like the cold better 🙂

We crashed in our comfy little room and Jessica and Tyler had their evening Skype session and as they giggled and laughed and generally caught up… well that’s… all I can remember, or will write down here…  🙂

Seattle part 2 tomorrow !

RoadTripping in Paradise – Yosemite!

Tuesday June 12… time for Yosemite!

We were up at 5am to drive the remaining 2 hours on Hwy 120 to the North West entrance of Yosemite NP !  Arrived at the famous valley floor by 8:30am to beat the crowds & packed buses! (by noon it’s a zoo – especially on weekends) Jessica loved the art and images in their extensive gift shops and we bought a couple of great pictures as life-long mementos from the Ansel Adams gallery & we were off to take some pics for ourselves. The valley & sheer waterfalls were hanging off the amazing granite cliffs ( El Capitan & Half Dome etc) rising like the arching walls of a prehistoric and sacred cathedral! 

Yosemite Valley

  The feelings they inspired… were good and resolute, severe and serene as they allowed us to gaze up into their presence and soak in their timeless strength. It felt like we were being granted a special gift to see this place... like GOD himself was inviting us to taste and see that he was GOOD. Felt like we were standing in a scene out of Genesis. This was my third visit, and Jessica’s first. It still makes my pulse quicken and my “little-boy” heart explode inside me…

If you have not been to Yosemite…it’s not a cliche’ to say it is truly awe-inspiring ! The jaw dropping vertical view of all it is and holds and hides…comes dangerously close to hypnotizing for any who get the privilege to visit… the unique walls of raw stone are just pressing in, towering down at you from all sides of the valley and it’s mammoth grace crammed into this relatively tiny area in which a  peaceful river road winds among the trees and flowers. Pictures DO NOT capture a fraction of its power and impact.

Jessica in Yosemite Valley!

 Driving it with the tourist’s and their kids combined with the world class- heart stopping views and photo-op’s at every turn is like an ultimate obstacle course for navigation. There are literally thousands of visual distractions and dozens of steel roadblocks… mini-vans or campers suddenly stopped in the road… with open-mouthed drivers who all  just saw the “perfect” shot and are literally “stopping” where they are…to get it!

 They do so regardless of the traffic or the presence of vehicles around or more importantly…behind them. Part of you get’s seriously torqued off at their stupidity and part of you totally understands… the views above and around Yosemite  just overwhelm your senses and suddenly it can seem a secondary matter to be careful or “safe” in the presence of such beauty.

We avoided plowing into or being plowed into by any other drivers as we kept stopping ourselves for pictures. We were heading south to the famous Glacier Point, following the winding 25 mph roads, patiently believing that the coming vista’s would be worth the extra effort!  It was. We saw the 5000+ foot cliff faces from above & the unparalleled views of the valley and high sierras! WITHOUT A DOUBT…One the best mountain views and vista’s in the world 🙂

The view from Glacier Point

 Finished the day driving North out of the park via the Tioga pass.. A beautiful & less trafficked road of high alpine vistas & serious layers of rock & stone. Late Late Lunch (4:30pm)  at the Tolume meadows as we drove south out of the park into the beautiful eastern edge of the Sierras ! Stayed at a great little Travel Lodge hotel in Mammoth Lake CA ! (cheap & old, but super friendly – and a great basement with FREE foosball & coin laundry on site – met a hilarious chihuahua named “cheech” who lives with the owner & tried to join us in,our room ) 

Beautiful lakes & snow-capped peaks of the high Sierra’s surround the town at over 8,000 feet – cool crisp air 50F and high desert pink sunset capped off another “perfect” day on this Epic Roadtrip!

 After pizza and diet cokes we drove up to the twin lakes vista parking area to watch the stars at 9500 feet and no city or artificial lights at all. The glory of the sky at night is a lost treasure for our modern time… But the reward is well worth the effort ! Amazing to see the diversity and panorama of a clear alpine sky in the pitch black of a natures night. Dazzling…and almost impossible to see near any city.

Mammoth Lakes Sunrise

 Wednesday June 13

 Woke up to 45F and a cool but sunny dawn. The road north was Hwy 395 and just north of the Yosemite Tioga pass road we saw a sign for a California State Historical marker… An old mining Ghost town named Bodie. If you have the time ( 2.5 hours minimum) I highly recommend the 16 mile one way drive off the Hwy. 

Bodie, CA – Gold Mining Ghostown

The last 3 miles get rough and have rutted dirt & rock instead of pavement, but remain passable at very low-speed.

The State has an amazing historic site set up around this abandoned 1880’s era Gold rush town. Dozens of old saloons, schools, churches, houses and mining stores, motels and mine buildings and machinery are preserved in their “arrested state” of decay. For history buffs this is a “must” to visit. High plains desert with amazing views of the snow-capped eastern Sierra’s frame the setting for this once booming town of 10k. Jessica loved it and at over 8500 feet in elevation walking its old streets can literally take your breath if you’re not acclimated and well hydrated ! Fascinating morning “surprise” for us as we had only made the trip on a  last minute “whim”. ( $10 to get in) If you go… be sure to bring your camera, jacket and a hat -sunscreen 🙂 SUNNY is the word.

 After taking pictures and exploring the sights we drove on north to see the famous Lake Tahoe ! Beautiful and crystal clear… It’s borders surrounded by breathtaking mountain peaks that carry a snow pack year around. Downside is the thousands do tourists and locals who flock to its shores in all 4 seasons.

Jessica and Lake Tahoe !

Very commercial on the Nevada side with casinos and condos built on top of each other blocking the views. Best bet is to hit the visitor centers and North shore beaches if you can for unobstructed views and a chance to climb some rocks on the lovely shoreline !We took the scenic route north of Tahoe to Lassen National park in the wilderness of north east California… about the only route was via Hwy 89, a very excellent drive. Almost no traffic on its winding path as it crosses mountain streams and massive mountain valleys filled with horse and cattle ranches. Full of dense pine forests and peaks for over a 100 miles, remote and rugged…but beautiful. We decided to crash on the North shore of Lake Almanor near Chester, CA. when we saw the sun starting to dip.

 A quick drive north (25 miles on Hwy 89 ) after checking into our hotel would put us in the Lassen Volcanic park in time for sunset and then give us the option for more sunrise pictures..if we wanted?  I wasn’t prepared for the rugged beauty that awaited and the complete absence of people or traffic. If you are a high mountain and snow year around kind of guy ( like I am) this is the place for you! We drove up after dinner to catch some sunset views and lingered long enough to see the 15 foot snow banks and frozen alpine lakes at 9000 + on its north facing ridges! Wow !

Lassen Volcanic National Park – June 2012

Take your camera and be prepared for rapidly changing weather year around. We were there in mid- June and was cold after the sun dipped below the peaks. Already in the 40’s by 8pm and freezing by dark for sure. The temperatures at the base were in the low 70s and had been in the low 90s that same day. A place of contrasts and extremes including active thermal geography and a deeply rugged landscape that will evoke memories of Yosemite and Yellowstone tied into one unique locale. I loved it ! Had a snowball fight with Jessica before reluctantly heading back to Chester and our stay at the Best Western…. tired. 🙂

Tomorrow… fun at Crater Lake and southern Oregon!

Living from our Heart is Dangerous !

Living from our hearts is a dangerous option… its much safer to walk on the well-worn paths of life and to stay as far from “uncomfortable” as possible. Yet somewhere deep inside of us is an intangible yearning for something more. A whole lot more !  

More beauty, More passion and more Life. We seem to barely survive our days and weeks as life keep us off balance and exhausted. The enthusiasm we start out with fades as we accommodate to the stress of finances, extra-curricular commitments and ever-growing fear of the unknown. If we’re not careful, this reality we accept may become all we know to live for and all we’re ever going to be.

God NEVER intended for us to live as slaves to our safety. His design was for us to live from our hearts, from our deepest inner-desire and from our boundless creativity.

We’ve been ambushed by two powerful deceptions. First, that God is far away and aloof from our lives  and dis-interested as to our happiness. This lie says to know God we must live only on or own wits or as Holy “recluses” in poverty, passionless and without any satisfaction.

A second powerful deception is aimed at those who accept Christ as their Savior at some point in their life. We believe to follow Christ we must surrender our personal dreams believing that to become a “responsible” and mature Christian man or woman we should walk away from those longings…walk far away from the hopes and dreams of our redeemed hearts and “grow up” to embrace only the “practical” and realistic.

I fell victim to both of those lies as a young man,…many of us did, have…are. The result, we missed out on much of what we were intended to be and do. I personally inflicted such deep pain and heartache on myself and those I loved that it almost destroyed my life and theirs. It seems for most of us, the deception has gone all the way to our core beliefs about the very nature of God.

These deceptions I believe are intended to keep us away from God and to reduce us to live un-inspired safe and boring lives if we ever do get around to starting a relationship with God.

The sad thing…. we generally agree to accept this watered down version of faith and life and wonder why we can’t seem to ever grasp the “joy” and “power” of the Cross that’s described by others…

I mean, if we’re honest; our faith is often lived from a “fear-based guilt reflex”that we pass on to our kids as “Christianity” and wonder why they are so “non-motivated” to follow us into a lifetime of marginal living.

Its time we step back and really “re-set” our thinking as adults and as a parents. Our God is not safe. He is beyond passionate, He is intense at a level that cannot be comprehended. To know Him is not safe, but is the ultimate fulfilment of our lives. His desire is to be with us. He has relentlessly pursued us and has shown in every possible way he will do whatever it takes to win our hearts, to redeem our lives back into living color.

To know Him, we will need to risk it all. To get off the safe paths of life and out into the wilderness beauty of our purpose, we must throw back the pre-conceptions of who God is and how he has wired us to live.  I strongly recommend a regular diet of  consuming the word daily, and finding a group of “alive” believers who have a “common-unity” in Christ. From those two simple actions I am confident you will begin to see the early tendrils of beauty and excitement when it comes to your faith.

GO, drive, hike, walk, climb, paint, photograph, create. Wherever you live, look for the signs of life in your world. From the indescribable beauty of a sunset over the desert to the shimmering glory of a snow-capped peak, the evidences of God’s creativity are all around us.

Point these monuments of Gods love out to your kids. Embrace their beauty and encourage your family to experience God outside of our “safe” and comfortable lives. Risk something, go away from the common and ordinary for the irreplaceable experience of knowing God. In the summer of 2010, I took my family to see the “heart of God” just north of Lake Louise Alberta. (See photo in blog) We hiked the Bow Glacier Falls trail for about seven miles and it changed my family forever. It was literally for us a process of walking out of the common into the world of the extraordinary.  

For more on this subject of living from your “heart”, or to explore this concept of a  “passionate” life from a Christian perspective, check out one of my favorites groups and authors … at

Could go on forever on this topic, but for now signing off. Helping to keep it real and to encourage you to “keep your family in between the lines and on the road of life

Peace out,