January RoadTrip…Flying Father Brian, Makes his Canadian Debut!

So it’s days four and five and we’ve made it all the way to Canada, sweet Eh? The sky’s are holding clear and the weather is beautiful but cold, -24-27F at times. We’ve visited all of our favorite summer places and all of the places we missed seeing the year before, including Bow Lake, Athabasca Glacier… Jasper and Lake Louise. All “MUST SEE” Canadian stops at anytime of the year!

Lake Louise - Jan 13'

Lake Louise – Jan 13′

But the crazy stuff has yet to happen. On day Four we enter Jasper (Alberta Canada) ready to look for the rugged beauty and wildlife the area is so famous for. It’s in Jasper that the real heart of the untamed wild remains for us and we love to see where and what God will lead us into every time we get to visit. Brian asks about Maligne Lake and suggests we give it a go and try to drive the lonely winding road from Jasper back to the lake, knowing it’s probably not plowed or open to the public in the winter months.

We find the road and sure enough it’s coated in a good five to six-inch layer of fresh snow, but appears to be passable in our SUV. So we drive on, winding our way in the infrequent tracks of other outdoor enthusiast’s vehicles that have come before us. Within thirty minutes we run out of tracks to follow and have to start creating our own in the fresh snow, we have yet to see a soul and it’s clear we are not going to.

Road Outside of Jasper - Jan 13'

Road Outside of Jasper – Jan 13′

We are alone. Isolated and removed from the bustle of tourists and trinkets and happy to serve you Canadian restaurant’s, we are off the beaten path for sure and well into the not to be traveled for another four-five months road. Along the way we discover the awesome impact that total and complete silence can have on the soul and spirit. Nothing is stirring, no one is moving and no animal is even attempting to approach. The wind is still, the snow is completely covering all that we can see and the ambient sounds of nature are all dormant in mid-January. We have the place completely to ourselves and as we wade out in the thigh-high snow to stand at the base of the famous Maligne Lake we are awed by its majestic beauty and wondrous silence.

Brian takes some super cool – 360 view pictures with his new iPhone5 and we stand quietly, soaking up the view and the beauty and the presence of such God breathed glory…all alone and undisturbed in this winter paradise. We are about 40 miles from Jasper and civilization and the sky is a clear but greyish color, hinting of snow to come…but it’s beautiful and open and reveals to us the many glacier tipped peaks that surround this gorgeous place and allows us to remember the ancientness of this sacred site. Knowing that what we are gazing upon what generations of Native Americans have seen for thousands of years before we ever arrived, just as it has always been…undisturbed and perfect!

Flying Father Brian!

Flying Father Brian!

On the way back we are enjoying ourselves, relieved we could find the place and overjoyed that we had ducked the crowds for the solitude of Maligne Lake in January. Brian loves the view we have as we drive the winding snow blanketed road and decides to get on the roof of our SUV with his HD camera and try to film it!

It’s a brisk 5-7F out and he’s bundling up with most of what we have in the car – scarfs, gloves, hats,  hoodie, down coat etc… he gingerly climbs up on our Chevy and balances himself and his gear in the best way to capture the most view without exposing any more skin than is absolutely necessary…. He thumps the roof (he’s ready) and off I go, driving slowly through the Narnia-esqe scene before us. After 10 minutes and about 2.5 miles we stop at the shores of Medicine Lake and Brian unwraps himself from the roof and re-enters the heated atmosphere of our vehicle. Stoked at the adventure, He loved it!

From that moment on… I dubbed him “Flying Father Brian Hardin and it’s clear that his Canadian debut was a success! Can’t wait to see his HD film of it all and promise I will share it with you on RTP.

The truth is this… When we go out of our way to seek out the silence and solitude of being alone, of experiencing God on His terms…we open ourselves up for something beautiful and significant to occur in our lives. RoadTrips are an excellent way to step back from the crazy and chaotic and re-set, re-center ourselves around the beautiful and substantive things that make our lives worth living!

Oh Canada, How I love thee !

Oh Canada, How I love thee !

Tomorrow… our return drive through Idaho and the Land of the Mormons.

January RoadTrip – Crazy Canadians

Heading North we cruised through Idaho and Western Montana without a hitch. Blue sky, cold temps and clear vista’s keep re-setting after each turn as we gazed at the beauty of God’s handiwork all around us and our two lanes of private driving.  We traveled through valley after valley, crossing from west to east on Idaho Hwy 75 and then headed North winding off and on interstates and highways until we ran low on gas and energy.

Canada on Hwy 93 Northbound into Narnia!

Canada on Hwy 93 Northbound into Narnia!

We refueled in Missoula MT at a  Gas & gambling casino place with a sort of attached McDonalds …right off of I-90. After fresh cups of hot coffee and French fries we tuned in the football playoffs and listened in agony as Denver lost in OT and Peyton Manning’s comeback miracle year ended as abruptly as the daylight faded on our road.

Winding our-way north we drove the twisting and black as pitch highway 93 to Whitefish MT on the way to the Canadian border. By 9pm it looked and felt like it was midnight and we were ready for a warm meal and a cheap place to crash. We found the cheap place to crash easy enough, but the town of Whitefish it seems was packed! I mean no parking downtown as the locals and tourists and skiers had all converged on the four or five block square that was crowded with modern cafe’s, high-end restaurants and honky-tonk bars with an Après’ ski air. This town was hopping.

We finally crammed into a compact parking spot and dove into the first restaurant without a waiting line and it turned out to be AWESOME. Latitude 48 was the name and it was amazing. Fresh, reasonable fare with amazing service and a great old west – meets modern world vibe. Highly recommend. 5 stars from us ! The loaded potato soup and home-made pasta’s were magnificent and we were tired and hungry and deeply appreciative. It seemed that God was determined to exceed our every expectation, even in the tiniest of details.

Bow Valley Peaks - Jan 13' RoadTrip

Bow Valley Peaks – Jan 13′ RoadTrip

Dawn was cold, crisp and very January in its grip. -2F and rosy-tinted as we drove early and fast out of Whitefish, eager to be gone and on our way to the Canadian world of mountains and winter wilderness perfection. We crossed the border at Roosville and as far as we could see, were the only commuters that day. No one else was waiting or in front of us, behind us etc… we had the crossing all to ourselves and the gracious Canadian border agents who took our passports, asked their probing questions and sent us on our way in short order.

We had arrived. Finally!

Canada in the winter and the sky was clear. What a treat we were about to unwrap! Last year we had made a very similar trek from Spokane WA to Jasper Alberta and had seen less than nothing with nearly constant fog & dense cloud layers had completely blocked out the beauty. This year, we were optimistic that the clear skies would last and hopefully stretch north enough to allow us a glimpse of our sacred Canadian Rockies…to finally see them as they were meant to be seen. I could picture them in my mind…robed in powdery white layers of alpine majesty, as regal in their misty crowns of ice and snow as any queen could be.

We were NOT disappointed.

One word on the crazy Canadians. They are absurdly nice, polite and gracious without any hint of exasperation, impatience or anger at any of our rude American ways. They also have no ice. Funny, with so much cold around them, it wouldn’t seem that cubed ice would be an issue for a drink, but I be dad-gum, they don’t have it. I would have to suffer on… no ice for my tea and no cubes for my Diet Cokes. Crazy.

Clothed in White Wonder...Oh Crazy Canada Eh?

Clothed in White Wonder…Oh Crazy Canada Eh?

By noon we were fully embraced by the beauty and wonder of the Canadian world and my anger at their lack of ice-cubes completely forgotten. This was worth any inconvenience. We drove North along Canadian Hwy 93 all the way to Radium Hot Springs and then across Kootenay National Park into Bow Valley and within sight of Banff and Lake Louise.

We had arrived and I was suddenly very jealous of those crazy Canadians.

The sun was high, the sky was blue and everywhere we looked a glittering white diamond display was reflecting back. Off of the billions of ever-green trees, off of the glacier fed lakes and streams, off of the roads and hills, and mountain peaks…off of the rocks and roofs and houses, two and three feet thick… snow was as abundant as sand on a beach.

We had arrived in Narnia and the travel brochure had totally under-estimated the impact. WOWEE EH?

It seems God is just like that… He promises to meet our every need, He promises to be faithful and true and just, and so often we brace for the reality, that when we reach the end of the road, when our destination is in sight… we’re so afraid to be disappointed.

God in some ways; is like the Canadian Winter Wilderness. No one can describe its/His beauty; No one can capture it/Him in a  hi-res picture or painting and no one can adequately explain all of its/His amazing details and sense of true wonder; Just like our God. He exceeds ALL our expectations and He keeps on surprising us with how well He knows our hearts and the desires of our hearts. Thank you God for caring enough to be personal and intimate with each and everyone of your children.

Tomorrow, Day 4&5 and finding out if Father Brian really can fly ? 🙂

Winter RoadTrip; January 2013… day two.

Somehow we made it in one piece to Boise, ID. The blizzard let up roughly 200 miles north of Salt Lake City and the roads magically cleared as we turned westward on I-84. The temps dipped low (2F) as the stars appeared in the sky. We guessed the massive winter storm had moved slowly off to the north and east and we were on our way unhindered. Exhausted from the adrenaline laced drive (we almost kissed an Albertson’s 18 wheeler on the bum somewhere in the whiteout), we did however crash at a super nice Best Western in Boise (low-priced via wif-fi and Priceline on the way).

We were eager to get going and the skies were sure to be clear… so we packed up early to get a good start, only to find the morning sunrise sky was still pitch black at 8:00 am and the frigid reality of what a 2 degree night can do to a vehicle that’s sat all night in a parking lot.

COLD, REAL COLD and CRUNCHY. thank God we opted for the rental with the heated seats!

Three crappy cups of diner coffee later we had mapped out our route and were anxiously awaiting the arrival of sunlight, to see if the day would be as clear as we had hoped for.

Sunrise Day 2

Sunrise Day 2

We took off as the pink glow lit up the southeastern horizon and drove up Idaho state Highway 21 to re-discover a road that we had been unable to see last year (closed due to avalanches) on our way to Stanley ID. The road snaked its way through the ponderosa pines and frozen mountain stream as we climbed steadily from 25oo feet to 7,000 feet in a little under fifty miles. The crowds were gone, the summer tourist’s absent as we had the road entirely to ourselves. This backwoods scenic two lane was not a high traffic road and we loved it.

The skies were now sapphire blue with little wisps of cloud visible in between the tree tops, the snow was piling up along the road as we climbed higher into the passes of the Boise National Forest. The road was magnificent!

Perfectly peaked mountain tops framed by blue skies and evergreen fields of trees as far as the eye could see. GORGEOUS! It was CLEAR and peaceful and full of mountain glory. Idaho it seemed had delivered in spades!

As we drove the winding roads (Hwy 21) around the peaks of the Wasatch and Bitterroot Mountains we saw the dazzling display of Narnia come to life on a two lane twisty drive from the mundane to the extra-ordinary world of the wilderness ! I felt my heart unclench and my mind start to relax as we drove deeper and higher into the serene setting around us.

Idaho Hwy 21

Idaho Hwy 21

This is what we had come for. This is what I needed, this is what God had delivered for us. If this was the first full day of six, then we had a special time ahead for sure!

Thank you God… I whispered out loud as we plugged in the iPod and cranked up some of Brian’s’ digital catalogue of modern and ancient worship anthems. The cathedral of the open sky was singing in tune with the stereo as we drove from fatigue to refreshment in Idaho’s back country.

We took the route up the mountain passes and down into to tiny Stanley ID and then turned east on Idaho Hwy 75 all the way into Montana, following the snaking Salmon river from the mountain peaks to the beautiful river valleys strewn with rock and ice and rugged beauty.

We had made it. We were finally here and seeing for the “First Time” what we had always known would be there….

Tomorrow, Day 3 and the Land up North!

First RoadTrip of 2013

Just back from my first RoadTrip of 2013, feeling refreshed and encouraged by the beauty and solitude six days in a winter wonderland can bring! This was my ninth consecutive winter RoadTrip and as it turns out, a rare treat  & fantastic way to start the new year. As always my RoadTrip adventures included my dearest friend and co-pastor Brian Hardin, and a drive into the mountains.

Landing at Salt Lake City - Jan 2013

Landing at Salt Lake City – Jan 2013

This year we picked the western gateway city of Salt Lake City, Utah to fly into. Landing via Southwest flight connections in Vegas, we hit the tarmac on a Friday afternoon in the middle of a snow storm named “Gandolf“. (The Weather Channel)

We picked up our AWD Chevy Equinox SUV and hit the highway heading North without a care in the world. As veterans of many snowy roads and hazardous weather events, we were not intimidated by a little snow or cold.

We were happy to be freed from the bonds of our regular rigorous work loads and excited to see where we would end up on this years trip. We had both felt  we needed to try & go back to re-visit our previous efforts in 2012, so we determined to drive back to Idaho and the Rockies of Canada. It would mean going back to a dark land of dense fog, random snow storms and what seemed an isolated, lost and even un-seeable beauty so familiar and frustrating to us last year.

We had high hopes to revisit those same roads, places and spaces this year, but this time we were hopeful to find what had been hidden before. To re-visit those regions, only with clearer winter weather and blue skies.

About an hour into our drive north, the beginnings of heavy snow squalls and road drift started to show. The ground had a good six to eight inches on the roadsides already, but the plows and road crews had kept it under control and we sped on, undeterred. We rode along… talking through our plans for exploration in the next few days and hardly noticed as the sun started to set with its winter shades of grey, dimming to dark shadows as the light vanished over the westward snowy horizon.

The high desert winds picked up as the grey grew into black and the temperatures dropped into the single digits as the snow started to really come down. By 4:45pm we were in a pitch black – whiteout blizzard, crawling along on I-84 Northbound to Idaho. Single lane travel was limited to 10-15mph; a struggle to even keep the tail lights of a caravan of semi-trucks visible from a few car lengths away.

Finding our way into -"Gandolf" the Storm - Jan 2013

Finding our way into -“Gandolf” the Storm – Jan 2013

The wind and cold and snow were seriously beginning to shut this major road down and with more and more vehicles half hidden in the ditches, we could see the roads were not going to stay open much longer. By 5:00 pm it was officially “dicey“, but this particular stretch of lonely interstate (I-84) was devoid of exits, towns or pull-offs of any kind, we had no choice but to move forward.

This was some of the nastiest roadway we have ever covered with four maybe five inches of driving snow building up in only a couple of hours and it was quickly drifting over the only lane open ahead.  We lost sight of the cars in front of us and the one’s behind had either stopped or had been swallowed whole by the white and grey world around us.

I remembered the trip last year (2012) and how it was so frequented by snow storms, sleet -fog and dark blizzards much like this one. It seemed that this year was starting back up for us Exactly like it had wound down the year before.

Stormy, tense and with zero visibility.


Tomorrow, Day 2 in Idaho and taking time to revisit an old road for the “first” time.

Closing thoughts on 2012.

An entire year gone…. just like that.

I remember getting ready for 2012. So much uncertainty, an election year… Mayan Doomsday predictions, economic clouds and fears of recession. Jessica getting ready to graduate from High School…. all just poised to come crashing down on me.

Funny thing, now that I think about the specifics…it all worked out just fine. Great in fact!

Seems that there was indeed a path for us to walk together through all of that uncertainty. Each week and each day we got up and put our pants on just like any other, struggled to be good and faithful parents, spouses and friends. Made some good choices and bad, but moved forward because we had no other option. FE_DA_NewYear2013_122012_425425x283

2013 is going to be much the same. Lots of unknowns, lots of new things to discover and learn. The question is always the same… are we going to give it a “Go” by ourselves or live life along with others? Will we pick up ALL of the burdens as solo acts or will we allow GOD and others to step in and walk with us through the struggles and triumphs of the coming year?

My prayer is for you to remember the goodness of God in the coming year. To trust in the provision and peace that God promises to us and to live each day with others. Not isolated and alone, but risking the struggle to live out our faith along side like minded parents and friends as a family of faith.

2013 is brand new, unspoiled and fresh. Don’t live in the fear of what can or might go wrong, but embrace it as an opportunity to find out what will go right.

Living vs. Surviving…. one is an adventure full of exhilarating peaks and valleys…the other is a dreaded, tragic and overwhelming daily slog. Including God in the day to day gives us the fresh insights and perspective we need to see the adventure when all of our circumstances scream “crisis”.

Recognize this New Year as the perfect chance to experience God afresh. Get in the sacred scriptures, read the words of life. Watch yourself as it changes you from the inside out… and watch as your family begins to grow…one day at a time. I promise if you make the effort, it will be worth it.

Daily Audio Bible  (Brian Hardin) is the best place to start your new 2013-  A FREE and daily service, it provides you with the chance to read or listen your way through the entire bible in one year. DAB Not alone, but in a community of faith. It will let you get as involved as you want, or stay as far back from Christians as you need to. It’s a no – pressure, no hassle way to engage your faith and dig a little deeper into God’s word in 2013.

No way I would try to navigate the next 12 months on my own. I’m done with attempting to survive life with only personal opinions and instincts to guide me… I’m trusting 2013 to a much higher power 🙂

Happy New Year RTP!

Pastor B.

Ash Wednesday…? Why should it matter

“Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lent season.  It’s important that we observe the inauguration of the Lenten season as we  join ourselves (fellow Christian believers all over the globe) together, placing ashes on our foreheads and praying prayers of repentance. 

Courtesy of Somersault Group

The purpose of Lent at a macro level is to remind us of the cost of sin.  We no longer have animal sacrifices to remind us as in days of old and it’s easy to just throw a prayer asking Jesus’ forgiveness skyward and move on.  Lent is a Christian season that guides us toward Good Friday and ultimately shows us what our redemption cost. 

On a micro level we often give up something for Lent.  The tradition is that you give up chocolate or coffee etc.  Although a cute tradition, it’s a little misguided.  During the forty days of Lent we invite the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what has fallen out of alignment.  We ask that we be given eyes to see what has come between us and God.  Not all things in our lives are bad, but when they come between us and Jesus we are oriented to them rather than God.  We then choose to give them up for a season so that Christ can re-integrate them into our lives appropriately. ” 

—–(Quote above – From Father Brian Hardin of Four Winds Anglican Mission ) —

Ash Wednesday is a time to reconsider, to reassess who we are and how we are living… as the popular Christian rock/pop band Switchfoot says in one of their great lyrics… “Are We Who We wanna BE?” Not in the negative context per say… but in the contemplative and open to hear God tell us anything kind of way… are we?

So let me encourage you to consider taking a moment today to consider Ash Wednesday as more than a catholic event, or more than an “old” church experience, maybe it’s time to consider observing this time-honored Christian tradition of faith. Maybe even include your kids, your family and your friends in this process? Who knows… there are a lot of Wednesday night bible studies and prayer groups out there in the Christian expanse of faith and family who just might find this opportunity life-giving. I know I sure have.

As families, it might be fun to consider together what you might need to “re-align” in your home in preparation of Easter. Less media, more sun, or less pizza and more veggies… this doesn’t need to become a “religious” exercise, keep it real. Honest and authentic… in forty days, let me/us know what happened?

I can guarantee you, God will speak if you take the time to get quiet enough to hear.

Peace out RTP.


Winter Roadtrip 2012 – A spectacular finish

The morning of our last day broke slowly with low dark snow clouds, poor visibility and a fresh five inches of blowing and drifting snow on the road. Following a bright orange state snow plow out of Stanley, ID we were fortunate to make it over the Galena Summit pass (8700 feet) on Hwy 75 as  it twisted its way up and down the mountain sides of the Sawtooth National Forest into Sun Valley. Not an easy road to travel in any condition, it was especially treacherous now. Traffic however was light… 🙂

Sunrise on the road to Sun Valley

We knew the views and the majesty of Sun Valley Idaho must be epic… given the rich ski history and popularity of the area for winter and summer tourism, but we had to take that on faith as our view was confined to a block or two of retro styled retail buildings and trendy condo -ranch estates blanketed with a fresh layer of powdered snow. Perfect for skiers, it was not so great for roadtripping and photography hounds like us. We pulled into a McDonald’s for some fresh coffee and breakfast as we pondered our options for the last day.

Again, Brian smugly and stubbornly insisted it was “up to me bro…since you forced me to make all the decisions last year”… Irritated I didn’t reply, Sipping my marvelously hot coffee and taking large bites out of my breakfast burritos instead. I was frustrated and weary of  the seemingly endless grey sub-atmosphere we had suffered under for most of this trip… I was tired of the cold rain, the damp clinging fog, relentless snow and the ever-present vague but oppressive sense of blah… of no color, of life on dull.

I had really been excited, hopeful this trip would refresh and renew and inspire me and us for the next eleven months of parenting, ministry and work. So far it had revealed some glimpses of encouragement and confirmation, but nothing truly “Epic” or “Awe inspiring”. As I got a refill of my McCafe… I felt like maybe… we should attempt to re-trace our steps today. To link back east and follow a scenic byway on Hwy 20 past Craters of the Moon National Monument and head North on Hwy 93 again back to Montana. It showed on our map that this route would essentially force us to totally retrace our steps back the way we had come the day before. Given the brief glimpses of  Idaho mountain glory we had enjoyed outside of Salmon ID, we were hungry for more.

It would be a LONG haul for sure. It was way back to Sandpoint ID and Spokane WA (where our Southwest flight would leave from) from here, and the obvious route was to drive due north up interstate 84 to Boise and then to Spokane directly and just be done with this trip. Maybe it was time to concede the point that the sunshine was elsewhere for the duration and although not epic, this trip was fun and it’s always great to just spend a week with my best friend and comrade on the road away from the grind of life… but something deeper was nagging at me… at us. Calling to us to risk to dare to believe… to try one more time. So we did.

Heading east on Hwy 20 was like entering the “twilight zone” in black and white… I could almost see Rod Serling waiting on the roadside in the desolate setting, ready to tell us a creepy story while the fog swirled around and hid us from view. CREEPY. Fog was thick, like soup as we drove in several inches of wet and soppy snow that caused our Edge to slip and slide all over the two lane as we headed back into the past.

Twenty minutes into this grand gamble, I felt like an idiot. Here we were driving an extra four hundred miles out of our way on the last day of our “restful roadtrip” in the vain hope to find sunlight where forecasters and common sense could easily explain there “was none” to be found. I muttered under my breath a half serious, half-joking prayer…. “God, it would be nice if you could just part this fog and open up a little patch of blue sky and sunshine for our last day“…

Our Prayer Answered

Within thirty seconds, the most amazing thing happened… it got worse, darker. The fog went from bad, to almost impenetrable. Slowing the car to 25 mph I had to drop the high beams to low to see the road and once again we were totally surrounded by a familiar grey and ghostly world. I muttered something cynical about how “that prayer didn’t get very far“… when Brian eagerly pointed forward through the windshield to a small piece of blue sky starting to grow in the immediate horizon.

NO freaking way! I felt like a 90-year-old Sarah being told she was going to have a baby!

But it was there, clear blue sky and sunshine and it followed us through the entire morning and well into the day! Like a personal escort of good cheer and beauty, the only patch of dry sky and clarity in the entire state it seemed, went ahead of and behind us in a five-mile swath of color and beauty. It followed us up the Craters to Peak Scenic Byway (hwy 20 and 93) and it followed us into Salmon ID (Where Sacajawea was born and Lewis and Clark journeyed) it followed us into Montana and over three mountain passes and into one amazing river valley after another, brushed with ice and sand and snow. It escorted us into pristine alpine forests and air as transparent as crystal,  our roads were somehow kept clear and as we went, it forced back storm after storm from our path all day.

It became like a beacon of courage for us, when after the fifth or sixth super intense snow squall / sleet storm hit us in less than two hours … Brian confidently predicted… “don’t worry bro, this too will soon fade . The sun and clear skies will be back in five minutes, these storms have no power over us today.” (my paraphrase of course:) But it was true, we were repeatedly hit by one intense downpour after another, all as ferocious and dark and oppressive as the previous six days had been, but we pushed on and forward and found the storms bark were much worse than their bite. Each were very brief and weak in their ability to consistently block our blessed path of sunshine and clear skies. With each and ever storm, the sun returned in its fullest intensity within five or ten minutes unphased by the ferocity of the weather around us.

Breaking through the Storm - Hwy 93 in Idaho

Laughing we made our way from one picturesque vista to another, winding our way over the very same territory we had just wandered aimlessly in the day before. God had come through.. God had cleared the way for us, it was obvious that something supernatural was around us and with us as we literally felt like we were crossing the Red Sea or something. It seemed that God had parted the way through the darkness and gloom of our circumstances and brought the light and clarity of God’s presence with us wherever we went.

That’s as beautiful of a picture as I could ever hope to describe…. It bookended our trip in a way that was immensely encouraging and practical. 2012 it seems will be a year of struggle, of going forward through the storms of our lives, persisting when the rain and the clouds and skies won’t part for long periods and seasons of dull will persist. But God has promised, the sunshine is coming and the road although familiar to us, will be seen in a brand new light. We just have to persist in staying on the course we know He’s asked us to travel… that takes faith and conviction and confidence that God is with you, that He will not leave you.

Peace out dear families. Carry on and keep on. God will be there with you, regardless of how it seems, He is right beside you keeping pace in 2012… as you pass each mile marker along the way.