Family First is a Fight

I’m sure, much like you… the last weekend was another crazy whirlwind. Mine was filled from start to finish. Saturday 6am we had a spring garage sale, saturday afternoon prepping for a taco tween youth group easter party, got the oil changed in my car, bought groceries, prepped for sunday church service, finished up a little take home work stuff and then up early on Sunday morning for Palm Sunday, cleaned at the house, laundry, dishes and then finally took some time to be with my family… its amazing how much fills our “free time” each weekend.

Paige and I had scheduled a time to meet with another couple on sunday afternoon-evening, but we also had told our kids that Sunday nights would be just for them. What to do ?

We chose the kids.

It was by far the better choice.

Sometimes we have to “fight” for our family time. What challenges me is the urge to fill my days fuller than full… I have to fight the urge to do more, to finish up just another project or to follow-up with a friend. All for good things, good causes, good friends, but in the end… my family HAS TO WIN.

So on a picture perfect Sunday evening (70F, sunny and clear) we drove in our Honda Pilot to downtown Franklin TN and had an amazing dinner together at  Mellow Mushroom Pizza in their in-door/outdoor cafe area and people watched, and just enjoyed each other and some great food. After pizza we took a stroll to the nearby Baskin Robins and enjoyed some really great ice-cream as the sun set over the courtyard of Franklin’s historic downtown plaza. It was simply perfect.

Contentment is enjoying time with my two beautfiul daughters, my son and amazing wife all together and in good health. Actually noticing the miracle of our family at peace and grateful for the chance and the time to just hang out and be a family. Now that is Priceless.

It’s worth the fight to protect our time for family. I was reminded of that last night. Sunday’s will continue to be a “Sacred” evening that we keep just for us. I hope you consider it too.

Our Lives can get way too busy if we’re not careful,  sometimes it’s important to empty it a little so we can fill it up in other ways. Nothing super profound today, just a simple thought of real life and real hope for families who are feeling disconnected and over-booked.

Family first. Always.

Here’s to “keeping it on the road and in between the lines of life“… Peace out.