Every Proud Mom Cries

Ever sit near a mom during a wedding? What about a graduation ceremony…or even just a good Hollywood movie about a wedding or graduation? 🙂

Tears fall. 

Sometimes it’s just a few silent, solitary drops of pure pride and tender joy. Other times it’s the wet flood of an emotional storm, released without restraint. Either way, Mom cries.  View More: http://traciarneyphotography.pass.us/kelliejarrett

It’s as natural as the spring time, healthy, and in some way… ‘proper. 

I watched the birth of all three of my children. I clapped and whooped as each of them clutched their diploma’s and proudly smiled for the camera….walking by in their black graduation robes. It’s a heart warming, milestone moment… a truly joyful time. Pride pulses through every parents heart, excitement and satisfaction mixed with a bit of growing dread…

Thus the tears.

For mothers the transition of a graduation ceremony or a wedding day symbolizes the end of an era. The shifting of seasons, it represents a diminishment of their influence and ultimately… ‘control‘. That’s intense, anxiety inducing, panic-attack provoking kind of fear for a mother… a huge hill to climb. (Dad’s too, but not in the same way)

For the parent, a graduation or wedding is like a ‘final exam’. 

Did we teach them all they needed to know?

How will they handle the pressure of independent life?

Will they abandon the faith we tried to model…?

Do they know how much we love them?

Will they choose to stay close to us… or have they gone for good?

Just asking yourself these questions can cause your heart to skip beats. There’s far more going on under the surface here…more than tears expressed in a moment of celebration, this is the tip of a proverbial iceberg. A glacier full of fear buried deep in the heart of every mother in every home. For some mom’s this is a devastating time. A deep and dark season where fears can overshadow all else… if that’s you, keep reading.

Couple of thoughts. 

1 – God is Faithful. Pray.

Never forget the covenant love of our God, He is long-suffering, patient and His love endures forever!

2- Take the LONG view.

Give them a chance to grow up and discover the truth’s you taught them were real.

3- Don’t burn the bridge back home.

Express your concerns without ultimatums. It’s their turn to choose how to live. If your right about their foolishness… they are going to need help later to sort things out. If the bridge back home is out… where will they have left to go for advice? Probably somewhere or to someone ‘not’ good.

Inmate Steven Clark gets a hug from his girl friend Tomi Doyle after Clark received his associate degree from the University of Maine in Augusta on Monday at the Maine State Prison.

God bless all you “mothers’ out there. Let the tears flow... but rest well tonight knowing your in good company. Be at peace knowing God hasn’t, isn’t, can’t… abandoned you or your newly independent ‘babies’ 🙂

The adventure is just really beginning…

Pastor Brad.



Change is a coming…

Caleb turns eighteen on Thursday.

Our baby boy all grown up. Man that was fast! Life spinning faster, harder…more intense. Graduations, birthdays, milestones to mark the rapidly changing landscape of our lives.



Nothing stays the same, an oxymoronic statement that can’t be proven, but certainly true. Life is ever shifting, adapting, overcoming, failing, falling, frustratingly slow and then breathtaking and out-of-control fast! 

The rise and fall of seasons, colors, images and smells flying past as we wind our way through the parenting years of life. Each beautiful moment priceless and perfect, followed by months of monotony and survival.

How can we remain and they move on ?

What anchors a parent to the reality of life when everything and everyone is a changing ? I’m convinced it’s the presence of Love that makes the home a ‘constant’. Not where you live or eat or drive, but the real presence of unconditional acceptance and grace… that spirit of love and hopeful expectancy is what makes our homes… “Home”.

Changing all the time, our kids… our lives are radically different from one year to the next. Urgently driving a taxi from one sports practice to the next… school pushing out private lives, we adapt. Soon, our tween-teens move past us, needing space and identities all their own. Leaving us to absorb the extra margins of life, living close but not hovering in their emerging adulthood.

Soon, they need the ‘push’ of leaving our nest. Heartbreaking and beautiful, we watch as they stretch their forming wings and frantically beat at the air of life. Slowly gaining confidence and skill as they navigate the wind currents and storms.

It’s change, and change alone that we can count on as parents. Sharing our love in each season of our lives, making our homes the bastions of peace and love they need is all we can do after a certain decision-making stage arrives.

Leaning on our faith, and the constancy of our creator… we gain perspective and purpose. Stronger for the experience, wiser and more patient we watch.



Life is a glorious circle, full of unique and unmistakable glimpses of the divine, balanced by the foolish and fantastic. It’s too much of an adventure to miss, and I wouldn’t trade any of the moments so far.

This spring, as graduation gowns are donned… let’s be sure to un-clench our hearts and blow out a long… steadying… breath. Change really is beautiful… and would we want it any other way?

Pastor B.