Summertime is Road Trip time!

It’s officially “summer” season now, Memorial day is in the rear-view and the 4th of July is fast approaching. What are your plans to enjoy life as a family ?

Courtesy of WARNER BROS / Kobal Collection

Courtesy of WARNER BROS / Kobal Collection

As a fervent advocate of “roadtrips“, I can’t help but step boldly up on my soap box and start my ardent gospel cry…. GO GO GO, TIME TO GET OUT, EXPLORE… DRIVE, DISCOVER and COME ALIVE !

Summer is the special sauce, the moment of each year that a special convergence of work and school schedules that allows for spouses and kids to be in one place at one time and I believe that needs to be “  ON THE ROAD”!

Determine your destination and budget, pick the dates and pack your bags… it is time to GO “O” away. I don’t care if you head for the hills, the hollers, the beach or the peaks… just get everyone in one vehicle and drive. For those of you rigid planners and procrastinator’s alike, get crazy…be spontaneous and dump a dose of adventure back into your life.

We only have a few precious years to discover together. To learn and love and laugh and explore the treasures of our world as a family… you cannot do much better in creating a lifelong family memory than taking them on a cross-country RoadTrip!

Your kids may never remember your day in and day out consistency in providing a roof over their head, clothes on their backs and a full belly…but I can guarantee you they will tell everyone they know for the rest of their life about the Amazing Adventure they had in the summer of 2014!

tate huesmann - candid shot - May 2012 FB picTake the time to invest in your family, THIS SUMMER…

Remember parents, the ultimate language of love is TIME, and to our kids it’s so essential that we stay firmly connected to their world and they to ours. Smashed into a ten by ten box (car) for days on end is one of the most amazing incubators for parents to re-establish common ground with the ones we hold most dear.

I promise you… the adventure of discovering and admiring the beauty of Gods creation as a family, is unequaled in its ability to create new and powerful relationships with your kids and your faith.

If you have teenagers or tweens… it’s an essential milestone moment waiting to happen. Don’t let it pass you by.

Love – Pastor B.

Real Change… an Excerpt from “Road Trip to Redemption”

Behavior Modification vs. Transformation

“It was this issue that Jesus addressed over the course of his entire gospel ministry–the problem each generation has with seeking behavior modification instead of transformation. The brutal truth is this: without God winning the battle in our hearts, we cannot be changed or transformed. The Pharisees, scribes, and Sadducees fought tenaciously with Jesus over the rules and politics of his time; they engaged in intellectual dogfights over their theological beliefs and opinions. They were proud and educated men who knew every phrase of the Scriptures by memory but resisted the message of the heart that Jesus kept preaching to them in one parable after another. In the end, they so resented what he was implying that they killed him.

The battle between the mind and the heart rages on. The mind wants to “understand” God, to grasp the nature of our salvation, to comprehend the significance of grace and of new life. It’s far too busy trying to understand the love of God to actually experience it. The mind wants to control the environment it’s in, to subdue all possible threats and or undesired outcomes before they occur, to avoid risk and anything uncomfortable, to be entertained and engaged and flattered and loved and pleasured. When we put the mind first, we seek to find significance in ourselves, to use God and faith as excuses for pursuing our own ambition and preferences. We discipline ourselves so we can enjoy the pride of personal accomplishment and the adoration of those who can’t do what we can. This is the mindset of our human nature, and as parents we will always drift this way if we are left to our own devices.

God speaks directly to our hearts. He is aware that if we seek to follow after him with just our heads, we will fail. We’ll end up reducing faith to a list of rules instead of a living, breathing relationship. We’ll know about God without really knowing him.” 


As parents… we share similar struggles and frustrations, the core of the process remains the “Heart”. My prayer for you as parents is to see your kids fall in love with the same Jesus you did.

Peace out RTP, Love you… Pastor B.

Book Excerpt from Chapter 4… pp 76-77. (C) 2013 by Brad Mathias, all rights reserved – Published by Tyndale Momentum Publishers, Carol Stream IL.

Are your kids “training” you?

You know the annoying parent and kid who always seems to be lurking at the grocery store? The one pushing an overloaded cart while a kinda dirty, one shoe off his feet, little kid is trailing along five feet behind her, wailing. You notice his crusty fingers as he runs his little hands all over the candy or cereal boxes he can reach as she’s trying to answer her smart phone while reaching to get some Campbell’s soup from the shelf your standing next to.

If you don’t rush to the next aisle, you might notice she’s already in a parental state of ongoing irritation, angry, embarrassed and impatient! She’s full in the face red and probably squinting  as you hear her yelling up into the air at no one in particular.

You also might assume she’s annoyed with her five-year old, as she inhales an extra-large breath of air and blows out like a charging bull… “PUT DOWN THAT CANDY, RIGHT NOW CODY!!! “ Then she issues a snarling and barely muted tirade about “THAT KID and CRAYONS on the WALLS…” morphing into a half coherent refrain of… “HOW MANY TIMES“… and then the raspy…”NOT NOW, I ALREADY TOLD YOU“… etc.

You lose sight of her as she half pushes, half drags her tearful kid around the corner with his little hands still clutching the forbidden treasure, and she is already looking past him for the next item on her list and you sigh and “Thank God” for not having kids that age anymore.

A few minutes later your coasting through the express checkout, ready to pay and you hear and see the exact same mom and bedraggled kid in the aisle along side of you. She’s busily unloading her purchases onto the conveyor belt thingee and the kid is clutching at whatever super sugary – neon colored candy is at eye level. You hear the conversation along with fifteen other people at the checkout, It sounds a lot like the one you already witnessed back in the soup aisle. Just louder and more exasperated!

Five more minutes and you’re pulling out of the parking lot, pausing at the cross walk as the same mom and whiz kid cruise by with their bulging bags and cart, except the kid has his treasure in hand, a brilliantly colored neon treat and its half buried in his face as you watch them coast by, oblivious to your interest.

I’ve seen that many times, I’ve even been that parent in years past… for an outsider watching, It’s clear that someone is indeed being trained and I’m pretty sure it’s not the kid.

Parents, let’s be sure when we give our children boundaries we’re serious about it. The rules are meant to be obeyed, not negotiated. Random, angry and sullen rules aren’t helpful, I’m talking about calm, rational and wise decisions that are made “ahead of time”, not in the heat of the battle.

Take the time to gently and firmly explain to your children the rules. Don’t always explain the “why” and “how comes” for them, just clearly outline the boundaries and the consequences for their being disobeyed. Then speak “ONE” time, calmly and without anger, if they don’t respond. Take action, firmly and without loosing your temper.

Repeat as necessary.

In time, you will see a significant difference in your kids, it’s called discipline and your now officially the parent.

The bugger is this… if you don’t start early, by the time they hit junior high… they will have little if any respect or regard for your “rules” and that’s a nightmare you don’t want to live, see picture to the right !.(or read  Road Trip to Redemption -)

Parenting is hard, exhausting and often lonely work… but in the end, those boundaries and your consistency will provide your children with the peace and stability they desperately crave, and will make your family time a true joy to share at any age!

Love you, Pastor B.