Surfing, music and Faith… Switchfoot Revival

Surfing, music and candid faith on camera….fantastic new soundtrack with equally amazing cinematography – featuring the band Switchfoot in exotic locales… sunsets – sea foam and raw beauty as seen from unique and heart bending perspectives …Australia, New Zealand… Bali, South Africa and San Diego.

Fading West is the new movie and project by iconic Christian musicianarries Switchfoot and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Broad strokes… surf movie about the lives and story of arguably the most influential Christian band in history, including the heart of hearts behind their mission and purpose as dads, brothers and creative. Guys who have lived and loved and suffered with Hurley style and humble real-life Christian transparency. 13-photo-3

I took my two sons… sixteen and 21 years old each – they dug it. Seriously and genuinely loved it. Movie was beautiful and breathtakingly good – the images of live concerts, stirring and uplifting sound track and wave after wave of pristine ocean swells was like a refreshing spark for my tired father’s soul.

So awesome to see and hear and feel what relevant media can do and be for the Kingdom of God – Visually it’s so well done, keying in only on its excellence and simplicity of story.

Yet somewhere buried in all of the cinematographic beauty is a powerful under-current of subtle ministry and inspiration – ideal for dudes who are interested not in religion, but actually curious about what life would be like if it’s lived out in a relationship with the creator of it all.

At the end of the concert and movie… both of them excitedly asked… when can we RoadTrip to a beach, or spend a month learning to snowboard ? – Well done Switchfoot… thanks for sharing your hearts within your latest project and for being such an amazingly positive influence on ours ! 🙂

IF you have boys… take them to this movie. Download it when you can – rent it – buy it – support it! The story and the songs are “must” haves for Switchfoot devotee’s but – for those less familiar – you too can jump right in… the water’s just FINE!

Five thumbs up from me – 🙂

Peace out – Pastor B.

Ash Wednesday…? Why should it matter

“Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lent season.  It’s important that we observe the inauguration of the Lenten season as we  join ourselves (fellow Christian believers all over the globe) together, placing ashes on our foreheads and praying prayers of repentance. 

Courtesy of Somersault Group

The purpose of Lent at a macro level is to remind us of the cost of sin.  We no longer have animal sacrifices to remind us as in days of old and it’s easy to just throw a prayer asking Jesus’ forgiveness skyward and move on.  Lent is a Christian season that guides us toward Good Friday and ultimately shows us what our redemption cost. 

On a micro level we often give up something for Lent.  The tradition is that you give up chocolate or coffee etc.  Although a cute tradition, it’s a little misguided.  During the forty days of Lent we invite the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what has fallen out of alignment.  We ask that we be given eyes to see what has come between us and God.  Not all things in our lives are bad, but when they come between us and Jesus we are oriented to them rather than God.  We then choose to give them up for a season so that Christ can re-integrate them into our lives appropriately. ” 

—–(Quote above – From Father Brian Hardin of Four Winds Anglican Mission ) —

Ash Wednesday is a time to reconsider, to reassess who we are and how we are living… as the popular Christian rock/pop band Switchfoot says in one of their great lyrics… “Are We Who We wanna BE?” Not in the negative context per say… but in the contemplative and open to hear God tell us anything kind of way… are we?

So let me encourage you to consider taking a moment today to consider Ash Wednesday as more than a catholic event, or more than an “old” church experience, maybe it’s time to consider observing this time-honored Christian tradition of faith. Maybe even include your kids, your family and your friends in this process? Who knows… there are a lot of Wednesday night bible studies and prayer groups out there in the Christian expanse of faith and family who just might find this opportunity life-giving. I know I sure have.

As families, it might be fun to consider together what you might need to “re-align” in your home in preparation of Easter. Less media, more sun, or less pizza and more veggies… this doesn’t need to become a “religious” exercise, keep it real. Honest and authentic… in forty days, let me/us know what happened?

I can guarantee you, God will speak if you take the time to get quiet enough to hear.

Peace out RTP.