A challenge to Fathers…Fighting “faith apathy”

Most Parents are concerned about how well their “doing” with raising their kids. We worry about the future, and hope that with consistent and careful effort on our part, they will end up well-rounded, balanced and stable despite the mistakes of our past. As fathers we carry the extra concern of protecting and providing for our homes and their physical well-being, and that is as it should be.

But somewhere down the list of priorities for many dad’s is the role of leading spiritually. Many Christian homes suffer from a significant gap in the father – spiritual leader role for the family.  The burden of teaching spiritual stuff is left to the wife, a nearby grandma or the dynamic and engaging new youth leader at church. Men are not proud to admit that in the whole, we’re just not naturally so good at such things.  It’s obvious to us, other individuals seem so much more enthusiastic and better at it. It’s easier to slightly hang back a bit, just to see if those other adults in our kids lives will step up and do some ad-hoc basic spiritual instruction instead of us.

It’s not that men are generally lazy or un-interested, we just feel unprepared and ill-equipped to talk about our faith, our relationship with God to anyone, let alone our kids. When they become teenagers, forget about it. I’m sure there are many psychological and cultural reasons for this, the natural personality and temperament of a man is more reserved, less verbal. We males tend to be less emotionally sensitive than our female counterparts, we like to fix things, not listen. Our attention spans are reduced by the need to retreat from our work pressures and catch up on our favorite sports team or golfing buddies.

We’ve been trained by our culture that moms are better at disciplining and actually raising our kids anyway and we have little to offer. We only step in when we are asked to, or if we see some very significant rebellion in the home that might require a more forceful response than just a good “time-out”.

Father’s roles in the local Church setting seem to be similar, often it’s the ladies who step up first to volunteer and get things done. They make dinners for shut-in’s, pick up other people’s kids when in a bind, share announcements and lead worship on Sundays, mom’s lead the charge to volunteer to help with kids church and education for sunday school. It’s a rare thing to see a  man step past his comfort zone and be vulnerable spiritually at church or the home.

Why is that ?

I mean why would a man act like an insane verbally exuberant idiot on a Sunday afternoon live or in the local neighborhood man cave, watching his favorite teams football game on a HD flat screen, but go passive as if in a “neutered”  and silent state on the same Sunday morning, mere hours before at church? It’s not as if we “can’t” get emotional, or passionate… it’s just not something very many of us “choose” to do or be when it comes to faith and family. It’s a rampant form of “faith apathy” plain and simple, and it’s killing our families spiritually.

That bothers me, and it bothers mom’s a whole lot more.

Guys, it’s time we take a hard look at the role’s we’re playing in our families lives. I speak with frustrated and angry wives and mothers regularly who are desperate to see their husbands engage with their families emotionally and spiritually on a consistent basis. At least as much and as passionately as we do with our favorite sports teams or cars. Some wives are struggling to maintain their respect and admiration of us as men over this “little” concern. They are watching us passively ignore one of the greatest responsibilities we have in the world.

I believe being a faithful father involves being vulnerable with our families. Of having the courage to admit to our failures, our mistakes, and our passivity in leading them into a greater understanding of our faith and beliefs about God and life. When we step back and choose to let others do our job, we are in a biblical sense abandoning our God-given responsibility. It’s a unique form of mostly male selfishness and it’s destructive.

Dads, if your reading this… please hear me clearly and humbly on this subject. I’m not perfect, don’t have this fathering leadership role all sorted out and well-balanced in my own life yet. But I’m engaged in it and I’m trying. I challenge you to be the same. Take the risk of speaking with your pre-teens and teens about your own faith, about how you have learned and are learning to trust God for the mortgage, for your job, for your health, whatever your story is with God. Step up at Church or home group and be willing to get involved, lead.

You don’t have to create some theological sermon or deep truth/life principle to share with them, you don’t have to do a devotion or read a popular Christian living book. Instead, it’s super effective leadership, when you just let your kids know about you. Warts and all. Their understanding of God and His grace will be formed in part by your willingness to share openly and honestly of your triumphs and tragedies, of your faith and your failings. Of love and sadness, of success and failures in your past and present and of the role God plays in your decisions.

All essential and undeniably unique to you.

Your kids, your wife and this generation is counting on us fathers to just be the MEN we are. Nothing less and nothing more. It’s God’s pattern for us to lead and we’ve been convinced for far too long, that it’s just not a role we’re equipped to play.

Time to change that.


Peace out and Grace to you all as we seek to keep our families in between the lines and on the road of life.


All we really have is our brokenness…

As parents of pre-teens or teens, there rarely is enough personal experience, wisdom or knowledge to arm ourselves, if your like most parents…your struggling with the confidence to raise them up “right”… in the process its common for some of us to loose whats left of our reserves of strength and we simply find ourselves at a dead end, out of options, answers or advice for our kids. It’s kinda scary.

Our kids after all are not living in the world we grew up in. They are walking directly into uncharted cultural territory… a value system that is sliding into a vast pit of moral relativism, global green movements, same-sex politics, right to choose, instant communication and entertainment addictions, over 5o% of kids live in a single parent family, confusing sexual and basic identity isssues and to top it all off a skeptical and atheistic educational model… it’s enough to make a Christian parents head explode.

Add to that the pressures of providing for our families, economic turbulence, evaporating 401K’s, 10%+ unemployment, record home foreclosures, shrinking budgets and a migraine of other problems are constantly showing up in our proverbial “in-boxes” every day.

Parents today are scrambling to find enough time just for themselves, let alone their kids or all the other really important people in their lives. Spouses are weary, so tired they have little or no time to invest with each other, not to mention help their kids eat, bathe and get their homework done and in bed at a decent hour. Life is piling up on us, little by little, one pound at a time until we find ourselves suddenly lost, “BURIED” by all of its relentless demands for our time, our energy and our attention. We feel like something inside is broken, and we can’t fix it.

Sound Familiar?

 Despite the lack of evidence some days, God is very much alive and active in our world. It’s all in how we perceive Him and ourselves in the story of our lives.  If we forget that God is the author of all life and the source of love and our ultimate hope, we will be tempted to believe that it’s all up to us. After all, isn’t that what it means to survive ?

We tell ourselves…since God hasn’t answered my prayer for relief, then I guess…If I’m going to make it through this divorce, this cancer, this job loss, this broken relationship… “I’ll have to just make it work on my own”. We grab ahold of the reins once again to steer our own path forward, and we keep a glimmer of faith alive inside, hopeful to someday see how God made it all “work out to our good”, but deep down we’re not buying it. We’re convinced we are truly and really ALL ALONE in this unjust and unfamiliar world we’re trying to raise our families in.

Stop. Seriously… STOP!

Remember what Jesus said to His disciples… “To find your life you must lose it“… “I came not to be served, but to serve and give my life as a ransom for many“… “take up your cross and follow me“… Paul said, “in my weakness, His strength is made perfect“.  Moses wasn’t the leader of God’s nation until he completed a forty-year PhD of insignificance in the wilderness school of life. Paul the Apostle was beaten over and over, half drowned, stoned, ridiculed, rejected and spit on more times than we can imagine, for even suggesting that Jesus could be the Messiah, that He might still actually be alive. Why would anyone endure such a life and ask others to do the same? I believe its due in part because they admitted they were broken, that they couldn’t figure it all out, so they gave up on their lives. They surrendered it all to God and let Him lead. Not out of guilt or desperation or fear, but out of Love and complete confidence that their faith was not misplaced, or foolish, but safe in the truth of Jesus.

My dear comrade Brian repeated something his Bishop shared in a leadership retreat… “Pastors, Remember all we really have going for us is our brokenness”.  I was at first puzzled by its meaning, but as this year has progressed…I’ve discovered some rich and encouraging purpose from that phrase. It’s really a beautiful thing to keep with you each day.

God, forgive us for thinking we are supposed to sort this all out, forgive us for our presumptions, assumptions and assertions that we know what to do with our homes, our marriages, our kids and our work. Help us to walk in a spirit of humility and confidence that you will never leave us or forsake us. Remind us of your love, your faith and your hope that’s available for us to live from and out of as followers of Jesus. We accept that we’re weak and empty apart from you, so please Lord fill us anew this DAY”.

When I stop and pray a prayer like this before my day gets out of control, in the shower, in the car on the way to work, on my way home to lead a weekly home group, or sunday mornings before preaching a sermon…and Especially when I need to give my teen daughters or son some wise advice or counsel…its AMAZING how much GOD shows up, and how things change around me…for the better.

Try it.

Admit your helplessness, admit your weakness, admit your brokenness and simply ask for God’s spirit to lead you in every aspect of your life. Turn off your brain for sec and let your heart hear the voice of God whispering to you which steps to take today. Trust me, it will change your life. Burdens do get lighter, loads do get easier to bear and hope starts to bloom around you. “ Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest“”… Matthew 11:28 (NLT)

“Be of good cheer”, “fear not”, “take courage”, “stand firm”, “watch and wait and see the salvation of the Lord”. These are famous phrases of repeated encouragements from dozens of men and women across the landscape of a hundred cultures and races and circumstances detailed in the sacred scriptures. Words of faith that span over two thousand years of mans history.

Its my firm conviction that if you take time to be in the word of God regularly, you will find it rebuilds strength and ignites renewed faith and offers wisdom to guide all of us and our families through a lifetime of struggles and triumphs.

Trust it.

Peace out… Brad.

The Grandparent factor

What role do your parents play in raising your kids ?

What role do you want them to have ?

My situation is very unique, my parents are both healthy, active and very alive and involved in our family. My mom and dad, now in their seventies live in our lower level and play a vital role in our home. We are blessed to have them so close and so engaged with our three teenagers. Todays blog is meant to remind us all of the significant role our parents can play in raising our children, if we let them.

My in-laws live in Memphis TN and visit often, and we make the effort to bring our family to them several times each year. In the summer, we try to make sure one or more of our kids can spend a week with them for a little “Nona and papa” time.


My wife and I feel that our kids need to know their grandparents, to see the love in their lives and to learn from them about the values and beliefs of a generation before. We are fortunate that both sets of grandparents in family share our faith and actively seek to model their lives for our kids. It’s a blessing for us all. Regardless of the relationship you may or may not have with your parents, maybe its time to make a visit. For everyone’s sake.

This summer, we all have the option to fill our schedules with trips and vacations and summer camps, and we should. But in the midst of the excitement of planning, please seriously consider time with your own parents as a vital part of their development and education. Our parents have such valuable and wise insight into our lives, they provide a huge piece of the family puzzle and can provide an essential “anchor” for our kids to base their identities and values and beliefs in.

So much of our lives are spent in planning ahead that we can easily miss the value and strength of remembering our past. Intentionally planning to spend time with our extended families is a great way to inspire and encourage and involve your family completely in the amazing joy of raising your kids.

I know, I know… if we actually take that step, we risk the frustration and guilt of ignoring our parents un-solicited advice, or the embarrassment of your own kids acting out or being dis-respectful, but the honoring of those before us is a life-style we need to cherish and model and pass on. After all… it won’t be long, until it’s you and I we’re talking about… right ? 🙂

So, please take a minute and seriously consider if its time for you and your kids to re-connect with the grandparents this summer, and help keep your families on the road and in between the lines, old school style.

Peace out,


Tassel Time and Transition

Graduation ! Tassel Time and Transition has come again. It’s that time of the year when we parents scramble to find our boys that one lost pair of dress shoes (that you know must be in the laundry room), or some khaki’s that are still wearable as we check to see if the one button down shirt he has to still have from Christmas, might be in a pile under his bed… and for those of us with daughters we fathers endure as they preen about if the dress they picked out for graduation works for them? Their anxiety growing until the very last second as they consider over and over with whoever will listen to them… if it’s o.k. to wear or if it’s TOO dressy or NOT enough for the occasion. Arrgh! If your a parent of a soon to be graduate, this is your blog for today.

Digital camera’s at the ready, hundreds of mom’s, dad’s, grandparents and siblings will be rushing off to sweat in a gym while wondering if their backs can really hold them erect on wooden bleachers long enough to capture the moment on the platform. It can be a crazy time, marked by mad dashes and minivan races to get everyone there on time to share.

Life comes at us FAST, it feels like its moving at an ever-increasing pace and if we’re not careful it may blow right by without us having the time to mark this cherished moment forever and ever… I mean how often do they graduate from pre-school, RIGHT ?


My youngest child finished up eighth grade yesterday, my oldest is a junior…sorry, now Senior in High School. I’ve attended probably nearly a dozen graduation events over the last seventeen years with my three children and my twin nieces,nephew etc.. sat uncomfortably as they all navigated their educational courses of life to the elevated platform of paper and pride (Diploma). Along the way I’ve watched as they matured and learned and gained valuable and sometimes painful lessons from both their teachers and their peers. Graduations it seems are mostly uncomfortable, hot-humid affairs in the mid-south, with bustling and tussling and excited nervous masses of “not-going- to-miss- this- moment” mom’s rushing at you from every corner with a camera and a set smile. They will be crowded, loud and an agonizing mix of excitement and boredom followed by too much food. So Enjoy !

Confession, this year we skipped a junior high graduation in our family for the first time. Gasp! I know. I thought my wife would get really upset, but last night with my son we did, and the world didn’t stop. His older sisters were excited for him so they made a fun ceremony of it  in our basement. They put on their own graduation party for their little brother (who is actually taller than both of them now) complete with balloons, streamers and his favorite take out chinese food, cards, gifts and mountain dew!

When the dust cleared my son and I went up to our bonus room and played a shooter game on the Playstation 3 for two hours (Yes, fellow dads…he waxed me every time) and we had a blast. As we enjoyed our laid back graduation evening, I WAS AWARE. I noticed that my boy was becoming a man, and I saw the changes in him already gained and the ones yet to come. I marked that moment in my mind as significant and IT DID NOT PASS ME BY. I spent an evening focused on him.

Last night was really about grabbing that moment in whatever way would connect with my son, in a way that he would appreciate and remember. Of taking the time to note that he had completed well what he had begun four years earlier and that he had survived the trauma of junior high intact. His leaving the equivalent of an adolescent hades and preparing to enter high school was a moment of triumph in a far different way than academics. He had learned to endure and grow and contend for things that were new, difficult or uncomfortable, but he had and he had done so with courage and strength.

It was for that accomplishment I sensed the need to celebrate. To congratulate my son for being the guy God created him to be, for not caving in to his peers and surrendering his identity for popularity like so many do in junior high. My son is not a fan of parties, he hates large gatherings and public ceremonies, He loves Coldplay and his keyboard, and take out food. He avoids crowds and loves to stay close to home. Our celebration of HIM needed to reflect that. Not my or his mother’s idea of how it should be. Not like we did the previous two eighth grade graduations in our house ahead of him…but in a way that says we cherish him for being him. My son is awesome, and despite his honors studies and amazing intellect, he is not keen on graduations, at least not yet. (authors note; your High school graduation will be a much different situation Caleb …if your reading this🙂

To wrap this up… We all know that a graduation is a season of transition that is full of bittersweet memories and future hopes and fears. It’s a moment of reflection for all of us who have a child finishing up one period of their lives only to begin again. My encouragement,  mark the season well, engage fully during these milestone moments with your kids and dis-engage from your work, your distractions and your urgency to be somewhere. Live intentionally. Skip the sermons, avoid life lesson talks in the moment, just enjoy your childs graduation transition and celebrate them and remember it well.

If this is happening now in your world, get the card, get the flowers, buy the watch…but PLEASE DON’T MISS THE MOMENT.

God, help us as parents to slow down and see our kids this graduation season. Help us to be aware and sensitive to who they are, and where they are emotionally and spiritually and to sense what they still need to learn about real life. God, give us the courage to speak into their lives with words of hope, and healing and comfort and encouragement. Help us to lead in the moments they are following and enable us to communicate the painful truths of our lives to them in a way that will not burden them with our own regrets. Lord, reveal your ways and your heart to our kids through us as we seek to keep them on the road and in between the lines of life! Amen.”

Peace out.


Radical Investing for Kids…

Some of us fathers get sweaty and nauseated just thinking about how we are EVER going to afford for our kids college, a daughter’s wedding or our own “some day” retirement. With $4.00 a gallon gas, and noticeable inflation at Kroger, its common sense for families to be cutting back on spending, saving and doing.  My family is no exception. But I want to encourage parents to consider an unconventional “Radical Investment” for their families.

How about a vacation, How about a Road Trip ?

Yes, a serious and amazing vacation with your family that would cost some money and time and energy for sure… but the payoff could be epic. It’s a radical investment in their well-being and yours. I know you have little if any extra money right now… but consider this; HOW MUCH LONGER WILL YOUR KIDS BE WITH YOU ?

Sobering thought… is it four more years ? (for clarification, that means they would be finishing up eighth grade this spring) Is it five or two or ten ? No matter what the answer is… it’s not long enough. How can the time you have left as family be wisely invested ?

If your like me, you can fritter it away doing nightly duties of dishes, trash, homework, emails and whatever isn’t too vile on prime time television. Occasionally a family movie night or dinner out at Logan’s or an Asian bistro ? We talk about school, friends, church, local events or current fave’s on their iPod’s. But in the end it’s all very superficial and very safe. It’s Normal. Which in our society can be a huge accomplishment for sure.

But I want more.

I want EPIC. I want to “suck the marrow out of life” (Quote from the movie “Dead Poet’s Society”) and as Jesus says… “Life more abundant and free”. I want to live with my kids, not survive. I want to teach them to reach for the beauty that is ours for the sharing. I want to introduce them to our American History and endless western plains, to show them the indescribable beauty of sunrise at 10,000 feet and snow in July in the Rockies. I want to explore the undiscovered and forgotten places of our land and share the thrill of finding a diner that makes perfect pancakes.

I want to make a RADICAL INVESTMENT in my kids before they are surrounded by life, overwhelmed by the obligations of adulthood and the saturation of their hearts with worry and fear and frustration. I want to show them the “relief valve” that God showed me.

I want to model for them the amazing power of creation to restore our hearts and renew our minds. I want to show them how to sacrifice their time for their some-day kids and families. To emphasize the importance of being together in a sweaty mini-van and of sharing the last can of Red Bull of the need for each other and of non-electrical communication with other human beings. I want to prove to them they are more important to me than my work, my ministry or my own sleep. I want to show them the incredible gift of Life that God has for us and what it feels like to be ALIVE.

So if you feel like I do… prayerfully consider what you can do this summer to make some “Radical Investments” in your kids. Maybe its as simple as a un-expected trip to the beach, or a weekend in the mountains. Maybe it’s as complex as driving West for ten days or East for five with no reservations and no plans. Just  grab some clean undies, junk food and flip-flops, a map and some carefully saved cash. Just go… and go looking for real adventure and new life and shared discovery. GO. Time is a wasting.

Whatever it is… DO IT.

I promise, your family will never forget it and your kids will cherish the time YOU TAKE to INVEST IN THEM.

Blessings… as you like me… seek to help your families “keep it on the road and in-between the lines of life“. Oh and I have to confess… I LOVE ROADTRIPPING… 🙂


Belly Button Parenting…

It’s a weird concept I grant you, but “Belly Button Parenting” is a dangerous trap that I and many others have fallen into. What is “Belly Button Parenting”?  Simply this… raising kids from our own perspective and opinions.  When you think about it, our individual opinions are so varied and so common they are like Belly Buttons…EVERYONE HAS ONE.

Is that really a healthy way to raise kids ? No of course not, none of us would consciously seek to raise our families from just our own viewpoints would we ? Shouldn’t we read parenting books and seek the counsel of those older and wiser, parents and pastors and friends for advice ? Wouldn’t it make sense to gather as much information and research and reviews as possible before we take the next step in helping our little ones become adults ?

I know you moms are saying already… I DO THAT. ALL THE TIME, and I READ SO MUCH about this it confuses me to no end. There are SOOO MANY books and SOOO MANY opinions from SOOO MANY experts it’s truly exhausting. So what’s a parent to do ? If you tried to do what every good idea or opinion suggested, you would end up tied in so many knots you literally wouldn’t be able to do a single thing.

In my seventeen years of parenthood, I’ve read many books by some very wise and Godly men and women and from those I’ve gleaned some great nuggets of truth, those tidbits combined with my own history and my families past mistakes have helped me to form my own philosophy of parenting. But that philosophy is very much an extension of my own preferences and opinions and as such is only as helpful as the truth behind it.

What can we truly turn to for sound advice and Godly counsel that is distinctly helpful and unbiased ?

The Word of God. (get it for free on your ipod,phone or email at Daily Audio Bible.com ) I’m sure you already guessed where I was heading with this one, but it’s so simple and yet so profound. Reading in the word on a regular basis is the only sure way to gain the wisdom and discernment so essential to a healthy home and faithful parenting. Go ahead, read and research each issue, but in the end, I believe  it must line up with the Scriptures if we are going to have any chance of seeing our little ones follow Jesus with their whole heart.

I have counseled many families, couples and single parents over the years and the one repeated danger I find repeated in almost every case, is the tendency to over-emphasize the opinions of the well-intentioned and under state the timeless and priceless principles of the word of God.

In today’s world of multi-media saturation and myopic ministries, families can become torn apart by the temptation to figure it out on the fly…to “cross that bridge” when we get there, or to simply read the latest best seller when life circumstances get out of control…Please don’t.

Consider instead, investing in a regular time every day in the word and in prayer. Consider asking openly and unashamed for help from our creator and our perfect “Heavenly Father’. I believe that the Word of God combined with the very active and gentle Holy Spirit will guide us into perfect peace and wisdom for each and every child we care for, with specific and unique insights that are essential to winning their hearts and minds.

Cookie Cutter templates of discipline and devotions are o.k., but in the end, I believe if we are not seeking out God’s perfect plan for our kids we risk creating little monsters who learn to avoid our wrath and fake their responses to get what they want. In doing so, they avoid the real issues of their life and faith and living altogether.So many parents find themselves at a loss for what to do when their little ones grow into teens and face the absolute horror and confusion of finding out that their child has suddenly become disconnected emotionally from their home, their families and their faith.

What then…?

Don’t PANIC, seek out wise counsel, pray with your comrades and spouses for direction and wisdom. Get in the word and find His perfect solution, it’s in there… I guarantee it! God will not leave us alone and lost and confused. But in your anxiety, don’t revert to someone’s opinion for something so critical to your life.

Blessings to you all, as you like me… want to “keep your families in between the lines and on the road of life ! ” And as a reminder, it’s never too early to get your kids interested in God’s word, check out the new i-Shine tween biblesfrom Tyndale House Publishers. They have an unique interactive online and smart phone function that engages kids with the gospel on their wavelength. Super cool.

Peace Out, Brad.

Talking with kids about the death of bin-Laden…

Everyone knows by now… confirmed by President Obama, Osama bin Laden is dead. The world reacts…, many with jubilation, some with fear and others with resentment. Almost ten years later, a chapter is finally closed for many Americans.

But how are we as Christian parents to respond ?

I wouldn’t dare presume to tell you how to answer the questions certain to come from your kids about this, but here are some things to consider.

1- Osama bin-Laden was an evil man, guilty of great acts of terror and injustice. His involvement with the murder of thousands on 9-11 has symbolized the hatred and pain of millions around the world. His capture and death represents justice for those he murdered and threatened and maimed.

2- The price of Freedom is high, and with the death of Osama bin-Laden, it is clear that Americans may face more threats and even future attacks, but the principles of Justice and Freedom remain. Those values and beliefs demand that  we proceed in actively protecting ourselves against such violent men and their obvious evil. Regardless of the threat of further danger or acts of terror, we cannot live controlled by fear and avoid confronting evil… or the principle of terror wins.

3 – God is a  God of Justice. There are many in-justices in our lives, many wrongs. But in the end it is the Christian’s belief and hope that there is a personal God who is aware, and involved and concerned. It is the way of God to bring justice to the oppressed and to bring freedom to those in captivity. The nearly ten-year man-hunt for bin-Laden that resulted in his death is symbolic of the Christians belief in the relentless nature of God’s justice. It may take years, or decades before it is seen, but God is indeed at work behind the scenes, righting every wrong and redeeming every loss.

4- Hatred is always a temptation that must be resisted. As a Christian, we are commanded to love our friends and our enemies. That love is impossible to create on our own, but comes from the deepest understanding of our own fallen nature and God’s willingness to forgive our own sins. Our kids need to know, forgiveness is essential to seek in the face of being wronged by others. That does not mean we ignore the need for  Justice or the divine nature and inspiration of our law and order. It does mean that we as parents should model forgiveness and wisdom in our own responses to personal injustice and  conflict.

In the end, this story is a powerful reminder of the nature of justice and perseverance and good overcoming evil. It is a story of villans and heroes, of sacrifice and loss and of justice and redemption. It is our personal and national story and we must be willing and proud to share it with the next generation so the lessons are not lost and the truth is always in front of us.

Parents, God bless you in your struggle to help your families follow after the faith and values you hold so dear. Here is to “keeping it on the road and in-between the lines” !

Peace out,